Zac Efron Hurt By Ex Girlfriend Sami Miro Going On Dates After Breakup?

Zac Efron may be offended by the speed in which his ex-girlfriend Sami Miro moved onto other guys after their breakup. While they have parted ways just last month, Sami Miro has been spotted out on dates with other cute guys as Zac Efron has been entrenched in his work.

Sami Miro was spotted letting her hair down on Tuesday night, enjoying a dinner date in the company of handsome DJ Alex Andre at ROKU Sunset in West Hollywood,” reports the Daily Mail. “The newly-single model was dressed to impress for her night on the town, donning a black bodycon minidress.”

On the other hand, Zac Efron has been quite the hermit, concentrating on his work and making sure that he prioritizes his career.

“Since calling it quits with Miró after nearly two years of dating, Efron, 28, has been diving into work,” reports People Magazine. “The actor is currently filming Baywatch and promoting his upcoming film Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising, out May 20. Zac tends to keep to himself and doesn’t seem to hang out with his coworkers often.”

At least there are some fun things on set, like dancing, to help him lift his mood.

But it looks like he is trying to do something as one of the sources said that “doesn’t do much interacting with costars except for the girls.”

Surrounding himself with girls will help him see that Sami isn’t the only girl on the planet.

But it must be hard as they have been dating for more than three years before breaking up. In fact, Zac reacted to the split pretty badly by removing “all photos of Miró from his Instagram and stopped following her social media,” according to People.

That’s a sign of a hurt guy for sure.

Another way that he has been dealing with his broken heart has been through fitness.

“Between every take and whenever he is not filming, he does push-ups and finds chairs to do tricep dips,” the same source said.

At least that means that his body will be in tip-top shape to for some other appreciative girl to enjoy.

He also has been focusing on family to get through his terrible breakup.

Zac Efron sent his social media followers into a tizzy on Tuesday when he shared another glimpse at the “good genes” hard at work in his family,” reports People Magazine.

By throwing his brother into the limelight, Zac Efron probably hoped to draw some attention away from the fact that Sami may have left him for a new man.

Check out the Efron brothers.

The Baywatch star also has been engaging himself in charity to pass the time as well as to boost his self-esteem.

Zac Efron is focusing on the positive – the newly single star is joining a star-studded cast of Hollywood faces including Anna Kendrick, Ludacris, Adam DeVine and Emma Thompson to help lift kids out of poverty,” reports People Magazine.

They will be in NBC’s Red Nose Day Special, showing off their talents in comedy, performance, and their any other specialties.

But charity work isn’t only to make him feel better. He has been nice to his fans and supporters throughout the career. The last time that a super fan tried to take a picture with him, he ended up breaking his expensive iPhone. Zac didn’t hesitate to replace the phone for him as well as inviting him on the set of Baywatch. Of course, this made the fans ecstatic.

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[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]