YG Entertainment Busy As They Sign On K-Pop Group Sechskies And K-Drama Actor Lee Jong Suk

One of the biggest talent agencies in South Korea presently is YG Entertainment. The company founded by Yang Hyun Suk also signs on actors, comedians, models, and dancers. However, it is best known for its recording artists. Two of the biggest K-pop groups in the business today, Big Bang and 2NE1, are from them. And even though both groups are going through their own issues, such as Big Bang’s upcoming military enlistments and 2NE1 losing Minzy, they are still doing well thanks to YG Entertainment. Let’s not forget that YG Entertainment is the label who has signed on Psy, and it is through them that “Gangnam Style” became such a worldwide sensation.

Now YG Entertainment has made two more signings. It has officially been announced that legendary K-pop group Sechskies and popular K-drama actor Lee Jong Suk have signed on with the talent agency.

Sechskies, a first generation K-pop boy group, will be making their return through YG Entertainment, as reported by AllKpop. Originally created back in 1997 under DSP Media (the same label KARA was made under), the group consisted of Eun Ji Won, Lee Jae Jin, Kim Jae Duc, Kang Sung Hoon, Ko Ji Yong, and Jang Su Won. Together they performed numerous songs and released eight different albums. In 2000, they disbanded. About 16 years later, they made a comeback thanks to Infinite Challege. Soon after, rumors spread like wildfire that Sechskies was about to sign on to YG Entertainment, especially when group members were spotted with Yang Hyun Suk.

Those little instances were precursors to the inevitable. As mentioned earlier, YG Entertainment has signed on Sechskies and they provided the following statement in regards to it.

“We have officially established a contract with Sechskies. From now on Sechskies will resume promotions with YG’s support. Member Go Ji Yong, who is now a business man, did not sign along with other members, but it is possible for him to still join us for various performances and album recordings.”

Sechskies is not alone in prolific signings for YG Entertainment though. According to Soompi, Lee Jong Suk became a part of the talent agency on May 10. This is a huge signing for YG Entertainment because Jong Suk is a very popular. He is even considered one of the biggest stars of the Hallyu Wave pertaining to Korean movies and television. Over the course of his career, Jong Suk has played major roles in some of the most memorable K-dramas including I Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, and Pinocchio opposite Park Shin Hye (Heirs, The Beauty Inside). Lee Jong Suk recently filmed the Korean-Chinese drama Jade Lover, and he is now cast alongside Han Hyo Joo (Dong Yi, The Beauty Inside) in upcoming K-drama W.

As for Lee Jong Suk, him signing with YG Entertaining is surprising given the fact he is own one-man talent agency since last December. From what Jong Suk has said, he decided to join so he can follow acting in a more secure and stable environment. By signing on with YG Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk joins fellow A-list actors Cha Seung Won and Kang Dong Won.

[Image via YG Entertainment and AllKpop]