Donald Trump: Will He Choose A Woman As His Running Mate?

Donald Trump is likely to be the Republican candidate for president. He currently has 1,107 delegates, and he needs 1,237 to secure the nomination. Unless Ted Cruz is serious about re-entering the race, which the Inquisitr reported was a possibility, or the social media campaign urging a write-in campaign for the Texas senator is more than just talk, Donald Trump is likely to be nominated at an uncontested convention in Cleveland this July.

Many are wondering whom he will choose as his running mate. People have been discussing possible running mates for the reality TV star turned political juggernaut for months. The Fiscal Times debated the merits of 16 possible running mates. The Inquisitr has shared some of these possible vice presidents, with their pros and cons.

CNN reported that polls show Donald Trump has a problem winning support from women voters.

“Overall, 73% of female voters in a mid-March CNN/ORC poll said they had a negative view of Trump, just 26% view him positively. That unfavorable number is up 14 points in the last few months: from 59% in December and 67% in late February. Even Republican women, who mostly have favorable views of Trump, are more likely to report unfavorable opinions now than they were a few months ago, 39% unfavorable in March vs. 29% in December.”

Could Trump choose a female running mate to increase his popularity among female voters?

Senator Joni Ernst from Iowa might help Trump with military voters as well as women voters. As the first female combat veteran to serve in the senate, she has the military experience Trump lacks. She is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment, and has advocated eliminating the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Education.

Representative Martha McSally, a congresswoman from Arizona, is also a military veteran. She’s a retired Air Force colonel who flew combat missions in Iraq and Kuwait. She also has command experience, having commanded the 354th Fighter Squadron. She is a strong supporter of local control in education.

Carly Fiorina was (briefly) Ted Cruz’s running mate. However, like Trump, she is a business executive with little experience in government. Also, after Trump’s “Look at that face. Would anyone vote for that?”, she may be unwilling to team up with him.

Representative Marsha Blackburn, a congresswoman from Tennessee, is popular among Christian conservatives. However, she may be too conservative for moderates and independent voters, and Trump needs independent voters if he is to beat Clinton or Sanders. She is opposed to abortion, does not believe in climate change, and hopes to repel the Affordable Care Act. Newsmax listed her as #12 on a list of 50 Most Influential Female Republicans.

Jan Brewer, the former governor of Arizona, shares many of Donald Trump’s views on immigration. She has a wide variety of government experience: county board of supervisors, state legislator, secretary of state for Arizona, and governor. She has experience with budget and tax reforms.

Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma would bring several benefits to a Trump/Fallin ticket. She’s served as a legislator at both the state and the federal level. She has experience as both lieutenant governor and governor. She endorsed Trump just last week.

Donald Trump has stated he would be wise to choose a running mate with experience in government service, since he is running as a political outsider.

“I would want somebody that could help me with government, so most likely that would be a political person. You want somebody that can help you with legislation, getting it through.”

ABC News reported that several prominent Republicans have publicly stated they are not interested in being Donald Trump’s running mate, including Governor Susana Martinez of New Mexico, Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina, and former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

Whom will Donald Trump select as his running mate? Will he choose a woman to be his vice president?

Given the comments he’s made about women in the past, will any women be willing to be his running mate? Would a female running mate be enough to improve the chances of women voters supporting Donald Trump?

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