Thomas Ravenel Talks Kathryn Dennis’ New Boyfriend, Accuses Her Of Keeping The Children Away From Him And His Family

What does Thomas Ravenel think of Kathryn Dennis’ new man? On Tuesday, Thomas revealed that he has met Kathryn’s boyfriend and thinks he’s nice.

Thomas reacted to an article that reported on the speculation that one of the reasons why Thomas has decided to quit Southern Charm is because Kathryn has finally moved on. Thomas denied that story, stating that he is actually glad that Kathryn is dating. He added that he has met Kathryn’s boyfriend and thinks he’s nice.

Kathryn has been posting photos of herself with a new man as of late. Last Friday, the Daily Mail reported that the man in the photos is 26-year-old marketing executive Aaron Jones. Kathryn’s father confirmed the relationship to Daily Mail and explained that Kathryn and Aaron actually dated before.

“Kathryn is dating Aaron. They dated before and they’re dating again. I’ve never met him and I don’t get too involved in that sort of stuff.”

Kathryn’s father also denied the speculation that she’s already engaged to Aaron, which was fueled by a photo that she posted of herself with a sparkly ring on her ring finger.

“I’ve spoken to Kathryn about that and she says there’s nothing to talk of them being engaged. I would know if they were. We’re very close like that. She lived out here with us for a while before she moved into her new house in Mount Pleasant. No there’s no truth to that.”

A friend told the site that Kathryn actually lived with Aaron during their prior relationship.

“Kathryn moved into his place about two days after they started seeing each other but it didn’t work out.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kathryn Dennis said last month that she would love to get married and have more children. She admitted that her tumultuous history with Thomas Ravenel, with whom she has two young children with, was a deterrent for many men. She also revealed that Thomas actually saw her while she was on a date. Perhaps it was with Aaron?

While Thomas is glad that Kathryn is dating, it seems that he’s still quite upset with her when it comes to their co-parenting, or lack thereof. A few hours after his tweet about Kathryn’s boyfriend, Thomas posted a message to his Facebook page that claims that Kathryn is keeping their children from him, as well as his relatives. According to Thomas, he hasn’t seen their daughter and son, Kensie and St. Julien, for eight weeks. He also said that Kathryn didn’t let his grandmother and sister see the children.

“Kathryn said on National Television that most ppl play checkers while she plays Chess. She left out that she uses her kids as pawns as Kensie and Saint haven’t seen me in 8 weeks. My 87 year old mother and sister, an ICU Nurse, went to The house where Kathryn lives where I pay the rent to give Kensie her 2 YO b-day presents. My 87 yo mom could hear her granddaughter inside but Kathryn refused to let them in. Unbelievable…”

The Season 2 Southern Charm reunion show showed Kathryn and Thomas arguing with one another. Kathryn claimed that Thomas was not financially and emotionally supporting her as he should. Thomas countered that he has adequately provided for Kathryn and their daughter and that Kathryn is using their daughter as a pawn. Kathryn also claimed that he cheated on her with a lesbian when they were together. Thomas quickly accused Kathryn of cheating on him with the same lesbian.

Will the Season 3 reunion show be any different? On Monday, Kathryn Dennis tweeted that viewers can expect Thomas Ravenel and his friends telling lies about her at the reunion show.

[Image via Kathryn Dennis on Instagram]