Lea Michele Finds Love Again With Actor Robert Buckley

Lea Michele has moved on from her heartbreak with Matthew Paetz. According to E!, Michele is now in a relationship with iZombie star Robert Buckley, who got his big break appearing on the CW drama One Tree Hill.

After the two were spotted dining together at Milo & Olive in California, Us Weekly sources told the outlet of the cozy date, which was packed on with PDA. “They were interlocked the whole time they were sitting at the counter, like arms wrapped around each other at their seats and rubbing each other’s backs. At one point…they had either just kissed or were super close talking.”

As stated, this new relationship started three months after Lea Michele’s heartbreak from ex Matthew Paetz. Reports circulated that Paetz broke it off with Lea Michele after almost two years of dating. At the time, sources said that Michele was “completely blindsided” by the split and was leaning on friends for support.

Sources said that Matthew gave Lea Michele no explanation for the split, and it was speculated that he used Michele for his own gain in Hollywood, but saw that wasn’t helping. Sources said he was jealous, and those were some concerns that Lea’s friends shared very early on in the relationship. The two met on her music video for the song “On My Way” and when they met, Paetz was a “male companion” turned model, who wanted to break into Hollywood.

“He ended up being an opportunist who took advantage and broke up with her in a very heartless way. Her friends were always concerned with the relationship because of his past. All of those fears were validated.”

That said, Lea Michele was very supportive of his career. A source detailed just how supportive back in February, “She was also very supportive of him even when her friends were skeptical of him because of his past. Lea wanted to believe in love and wanted to believe the good in him. She didn’t think he should be punished for his past.”

Her friends went on to say that Paetz was heartless in the way he broke up with her. “All of a sudden and without warning. He is now refusing to speak with her or anyone else close to her.” To add insult to injury, just weeks before the split, Lea Michele sung his praises on the Fempire podcast. At the time, she said, “We’ve stood by each other through anything that was thrown our way, and [Matt] is a such a great man that he would never really let anything like that ever crack our lovely little core that we’ve created. And, you know, he is also very respectful toward the person that I was with, and that, again, is something I love so much about him.”

Before hearing about Lea’s new relationship with Robert Buckley, the Inquisitr reported that she recently paid homage to her former boyfriend Cory Monteith. The actress dated Monteith on and off for years while they filmed Glee, until his death, which happened in 2013 of a drug overdose.

Lea Michele got a second tattoo for Monteith a month ago with the number five, signifying his character Finn Hudson’s football jersey number. She captioned the photo on Instragram, “And one more..for my quarter back.”

The first tattoo she got for Monteith were the words “If you say so..” which was the last text she received from Monteith before he died. She wrote a song of the same title disclosing their last exchange, and how heartbroken she was about his absence in her life following his tragic death.

So far, Robert Buckley and Lea Michele haven’t made their relationship official on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, which is what Michele is known to do.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]