‘DWTS’ News: Nyle DiMarco Being Dissed By Other Contestants, Upset About Lack Of Sign Language

Nyle DiMarco is doing a great job on Dancing With the Stars, but it turns out that things behind the scenes may not be going as well as they look like they are on television. Radar Online shared the details about how things are going for Nyle and how unhappy he is behind the scenes according to a source. Last night Nyle DiMarco performed part of his dance without music so that they could show how things would be for a deaf person. It looked like he had a ton of support on the show.

A source is now sharing that everything isn’t as it seems for Nyle DiMarco. Things are great with Peta, but not the rest of the cast.

“The fact of the matter is that none of the judges, nor anyone in production for the show aside from Peta, have bothered to learn sign language. They have not even learned the basic sign language for applause! It upsets Nyle. He is a very emotional and gentle man and all of this is just really starting to affect him now.”

Nyle DiMarco is deaf and still does an amazing job on the dance floor. It turns out that some people think that the fact that he is a pretty model and deaf could end up being the reason that he wins this show. The insider explained what is going on and that it might just be a way to see if they can win the show instead of him.

“What’s worse, some of the other dancers on the show have been saying that, if Nyle wins, it is only because he is deaf and pretty, and it is not because of his talent. They are just all trying to get into his head and cause him to mess up, but all this is doing is just pushing him harder and harder than ever before. He is in this to win it and he will not go home a loser!”

As the Inquisitr already shared, there are rumors flying that Dancing With the Stars might be rigged due to the weird scores that Nyle DiMarco has received twice this season. Two different times the judges wrote down a different score than they held up, but on the second time, it happened Bruno insisted that he really wrote down a 10. Some fans feel like it could be rigged, but it isn’t holding Nyle back considering that he is still doing great.

ET Online shared that last night Nyle DiMarco’s dance brought Carrie Ann Inaba to tears. Nyle DiMarco was on the dance floor along with four members of the dance troupe, and they danced to no music at all. This is the way that Nyle is used to dancing since he can’t hear, but it was very emotional for everyone else to see. Carrie Ann shared that in her entire time on the show, she had never seen anything like that before. Carrie Ann shared her thoughts about Nyle Dimarco’s dance.

“You really are educating us about what it is to dance the way you’re dancing. Thank you for the gift. I feel honored that I got to experience dance as you’ve experienced it with Peta. You guys are brilliant.”

Do you think that Nyle DiMarco could end up winning DWTS this season? Do you feel like the show is rigged? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss the upcoming finale of Dancing With the Stars on ABC.

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]