Van Flies Into Sydney, Australia’s Georges River [Updated]

In Sydney, Australia, a mysterious van has been found in the Georges River. Police are on the scene attempting investigation. However, they’re having trouble.

Sydney’s water police are on the scene while the van is in a peculiar position. Authorities haven’t mentioned how the van careened into the Georges River as it did. However, they’re attempting to see if there are any passengers inside of the waterlogged vehicle.

[Update, May 14, 3:30 p.m., EST]

Sydney’s South Wales police department has made no further public updates regarding the Georges River situation that occurred on May 11.

[Update, May 11, 1:13 a.m., EST]

Sources mention that South Wales Police have secured the van and are awaiting tide so they can easily maneuver the vehicle to the bank. Until then, authorities are allowing the van to stay in its position.

There’s still no information regarding possible passengers from the van or anyone in connection to its placement in the Georges River. Stay tuned for more updates.

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According to Sydney’s 9 News, the van’s situation in Georges River is near the M5 — which is a tolled motorway in southwestern Sydney and is operated by Interlink Roads. News teams captured aerial footage of the van’s wreckage in the river. At the time of the footage, the vehicle wasn’t fully submerged.

Van in Sydney’s Georges River

The source mentioned that Australian authorities were having issues reaching the troubled van and were using the golf course at New Brighton to access the crash scene. According to News – Australia, they’re calling it a delicate rescue operation.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that someone called emergency services and mentioned that the van was “floating down the river,” approximately at 6:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 11, mentions a New South Wales Police spokeswoman.

The hovering pilot, Andrew Millet, also mentioned that the van’s situation is “a bit unusual.” There are no indicating factors as to how the vehicle breached or reached the waters. Yet, police also said that there were several boat ramps in the area.

However, the pilot notes that it’s “remarkable” that the van is still afloat in the Georges River. According to Daily Mail, another police spokesperson affirmed that stolen cars are often dumped in the river. The source stated that the van was actually sitting atop shallow water, and that’s why it hadn’t totally sunk beneath the waters. Nevertheless, Sydney police did confirm that no passengers were in the vehicle — which Mirage News notes as a Ford Transit. The back windows were reportedly broken. Do you think that’s how they escaped?

[Update, 3:39 p.m., EST]

In other news regarding Sydney’s Georges River, an elderly man’s body was recovered from the water earlier this month. The Australian reports that he was 85 years of age. The last time he was seen, prior to being found, was when he was leaving his home in Glenfield.

According to the source, he had left his home on Saturday afternoon in order to go for a walk. However, he didn’t return. Upon this news, his wife called the police to alert them of the situation. Around midday, on the following Monday, they found the man’s body in the Georges River.

What are your thoughts regarding the Georges River findings? Both cases are mysterious in nature. And, both offer the public and authorities little information. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, below.

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