Tornado In Mayfield, Kentucky — Damage Report [Graphic Video]

In Mayfield, Kentucky, a tornado touched down and caused significant damage to the area and various businesses. Multiple homes were lost.

The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado had touched ground on May 10, during afternoon hours, according to West Kentucky Star. In the Hickory area, just north of Mayfield, several people reported severe damage from the tornado. The source also states that some injuries have been mentioned. However, there has been no quantifiable confirmation.

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According to Washington Post, Kentucky State Police have confirmed that 10 people were injured during the tornado’s pass-through in Mayfield. The injured persons were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The source stated that their wounds weren’t life-threatening.

The Western Kentucky Star recalls personal encounters from the tornado, as experienced by local residents. The tornado “leveled homes,” says the source. A car salesman at Bennett Motors mentions his tornado experience clearly. Car salesman Ray Ralph states, “We came in and locked the door and got in a broom closet. As soon as we got in there, you could hear it coming over. Stuff was hitting the building. It was just wild.”

Ralph noted that there was no significant damage to the office building. However, three other buildings on the lot were completely demolished. Also, the dealership had 40 vehicles on the lot. Reportedly, all 40 were damaged.

Likewise, Roger Youngblood of Youngblood RVs mentioned that his business suffered similarly from the tornado.

“It caught our dealership sign here at the front. It went right beside the building. There was no damage to the building that we could find but it destroyed several campers, flipped them upside down and tore them up. Luckily, no one was hurt. Just a scary experience, that’s all I can say.”

You can see the tornado rip the RV dealer’s vehicles in the video above.

The report also states that the Mayfield area — as well as western Kentucky — is under tornado watch until 11 p.m., local time.

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KFVS-12 News reports, “Kentucky State Police confirm several houses have been destroyed, trailers flipped over and cars are all over the road in Graves County.” Currently, the Mayfield Courthouse is without electricity. Likewise, in Graves County, the Graves County School Board Office, Eagle Express, Shelby Auto, and Youngbloods RV all suffered structural damage from the aforementioned tornado, says the source. In the following video, you can actually watch as Youngblood’s RVs get ripped from their foundations.

[Disclaimer: The following videos contain explicit language. Viewer discretion is advised.]

Tornado in Mayfield, Kentucky – Upclose View

Similar reports have come in concerning other businesses north of Mayfield as well. According to West Kentucky Star, the tornado report is as follows.

“West Kentucky Rural Electric is reporting more than 6,100 customers without power, primarily in northern Graves County. There are outages in the city of Mayfield, but the city’s electric provider, Mayfield Electric, has not yet been able to provide us with a total number of customers in their service area that are without power.”

These results are a continuation of storms that passed through the area on Monday night and Tuesday morning, reports KFVS-12. Some tornado damage reports reach as far as Poplar Bluff, Missouri — which, according to Google Maps, is 111 miles west of Mayfield, Kentucky.

While the tornado was making its destructive pass-through, many Mayfield residents were able to capture the natural powerhouse via photo.

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