Leah Messer Dating T.R. Dues Again, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Tweets About Love

Leah Messer has been all over the place in recent weeks. She was recently talking about being single and enjoying herself, but that appears to no longer be accurate. Last year, Messer was publicly linked to T.R. Dues. While she kept her relationship off camera, there were plenty of reports about what was happening romantically between them. At one point, they were rumored to be living together. Dues did not confirm he was dating Messer either, but they were definitely caught hanging out several times last winter.

Teen Mom 2 is currently airing scenes with Leah Messer from earlier this year, and there is no sign of T.R. Dues in her life. Fans were waiting to see if he would participate in the show but it appears he opted out of being filmed on the very public platform. Rumors swirled that Messer dumped Dues when the custody issues with Corey Simms came up, and that may have been the case. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Leah Messer is back with T.R. Dues. The two seem to have reconciled, though it is unclear how long it will last this time. Messer was caught tweeting about love and relationships, but just a few weeks ago she was confirming she was single. This is all very bizarre, but it fits the way Messer lives her life.

Things seem to be getting complicated quickly for Leah Messer. After winning joint custody with Corey Simms earlier this year, she thought things would get back to normal. Despite Messer getting her life together, things have been rocky. Corey Simms recently refiled custody paperwork in which he is asking for sole custody of the twins citing they attend school in his district. This was a shock as fans believed the two were learning to effectively co-parent and do what was right for the girls. The fact that Messer is possibly back together with T.R. Dues could complicate the situation, especially if he is present in the twins’ life. Teen Mom 2 is supposed to be filming with all of the girls again and if that is the case, much of this will be caught on camera.

Last year was rough for Leah Messer. Her marriage to Jeremy Calvert officially ended in divorce, and she was accused of being addicted to prescription painkillers. While she has denied drug abuse of any sort, when she was challenged on it by Steve Harvey, she simply avoided the question. Messer did attend rehab in Arizona for one month, but that didn’t seem to make a difference in her life and the choices she was making. T.R. Dues became her boyfriend a few months after her divorce was final and the two appeared to be getting serious. Rumors indicated that Leah Messer was insecure about his children’s mother and she tried to enforce rules for her new boyfriend.

There is no solid confirmation of the relationship between Leah Messer and T.R. Dues, but it is likely. Leah doesn’t like to be alone and with Teen Mom 2 showing some terrible moments in her life, it isn’t surprising that Messer would run back to a place where she felt safe. She is confirmed for Season 8 of Teen Mom 2, but she may not be able to film Addie. Jeremy Calvert has decided to quit and will not allow his daughter to be a part of the show either. With all of the added stress Messer is under, things could be a lot worse. After having some pretty public relationships and divorces, Leah Messer has decided to keep her love life a bit more private until something more develops.

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