Pissed firefighter shoots man in head – thank god for helmets

Charles Diez, an Asheville, North Carolina, firefighter, apparently got so upset with a man riding with his child on a bust road that Diez shot the man.

The shooting happened Sunday morning as the victim was riding with his wife and had his 3 year old son in a child seat attached to his bike. Diez pissed that the man was riding through the heavily travelled Tunnel Road pulled out a gun and opened fire, hitting the victim in his bicycle helmet.

They said the bullet penetrated the outer lining of the helmet but did not actually hit the victim’s head.

Police arrested Diez and charged him with attempted first degree murder.

His bond was set at $500,000.

Source: WYFF4.com :: Police: Asheville Firefighter Shot Bicyclist

I bet that guy won’t ever forget his helmet, or the recently purchase Kevlar vest.