‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Caroline Handles Thomas, Ridge Blames Katie, And Maya Gives Rick Advice

What’s happening on The Bold and the Beautiful on Wednesday, May 11? The preview shows Caroline asking Ridge to let her handle Thomas to get their son back safely. She begs him not to call the police. Maya gives Rick some advice about how to deal with the fact Ridge pushed him out of Forrester Creations and his home. Ridge tries to blame Katie for Thomas taking off with Douglas, but that doesn’t go over well with her, and she refuses to accept any of the blame.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that it will get intense when Caroline and Ridge learn that Thomas took Douglas, and they have no idea where he went. Ridge tries to reassure Caroline and immediately tries to contact Thomas to bring the baby back. Caroline explains that he has done enough, and if he were more willing to share custody, Thomas wouldn’t have felt the need to take off with her son. She tells him to let her handle it because she knows how to talk to Thomas.

” Don’t call the police. I will handle this. I will get our baby back.”

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers report that Maya tries to reason with Rick about his attitude towards Ridge. She acknowledges that he has every reason to be upset that Ridge took his CEO position at Forrester Creations and his position in the family’s mansion, but he cannot let his anger consume him. She tells him that she loves him, and sees that this terrible situation is taking over his life. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers explain that Rick tells her that he has felt hopeless about the situation until recently. He thinks he has a way to get his life back and wants her support to do it.

Soap Central reported that Katie will team up with Rick for a hostile takeover, dethroning Ridge at Forrester Creations. Whether or not Maya knows the details about Rick’s plan is not known just yet. It’s clear that he has been working Katie for quite some time because he was aware that she had some dirt on Ridge. Rick will start showing parts of his plans later this week, according to Soap Central spoilers.

It looks like Ridge tries to blame Katie for Thomas’ actions, and that’s not okay with her. Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Katie tells Ridge that she didn’t cause this, he did. If only Ridge and Caroline would have been honest with Thomas from the start, he wouldn’t feel so desperate to hold on to his son. The action of cutting him out of Douglas’ life is what caused Thomas’ actions. Of course, Ridge disagrees with her and defends everything he did to Thomas (again).

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Katie will tell Ridge that none of this is her fault. The only she did was encourage him to do the right thing by telling Thomas that Douglas is his son. If Ridge would have handled the situation with more care, maybe he could have avoided Thomas’ moment of desperation. It was Ridge that basically told Thomas that he will never be Douglas’ father.

Many fans believe that Ridge is getting what he deserves in the storyline, but Caroline sure got the raw end of the deal. She must be worried about her baby. Watch how it all unfolds this week on The Bold and the Beautiful airing weekdays on CBS.

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