Marsha J. Henson: ‘Prince Is Father Of My Son, Carlin Qar’Tune Williams’ — See Facebook Photos

It has been reported that 600 to 700 people have claimed they are related to Prince, as noted by the Inquisitr. Now a woman named Marsha Henson and her 39-year-old son, Carlin Qar’Tune Williams — or Carlin Q. Williams, who calls himself the “Prince of Darkness” — have come forward to claim that Carlin is Prince’s son. Marsha is not one of the women in the photo above with Prince from 2014, but Facebook photos of Henson appear online, and can be accessed from the links below.

Williams’ claim is the first paternity claim against the Prince estate, reports USA Today. The affidavit contains all the juicy details about what Marsha claimed was a rendezvous with Prince in Kansas City, Missouri, in July 1976, when Prince was only 18 years of age. Prince was born on June 7, 1958.

Carlin was born as the result of a night of unprotected sex that Henson claims she had with Prince after they drank wine one evening. On Carlin’s Facebook page, titled Carlin Qar’Tune Williams, Williams has a photo of Prince, which a Google search reveals likely came from one of Prince’s first photo shoots, as reported by the Star Tribune, when Prince was only 19 years of age. [Update: The Facebook account for Williams has been removed.]

According to Billboard, Prince had his first photo shoot at 19, photographed by Robert Whitman, who said he knew Prince would be a huge star. If Marsha’s claims are true about Prince fathering her son Carlin, that photo shoot with Prince would have been during the same year that Qar’Tune was born, on April 8, 1977.

The affidavit reads that Marsha is older than 21 years of age and that Henson appeared personally in court to make her claims about Prince’s alleged son.

“I allege that Prince Rogers Nelson, ‘Mr. Nelson,’ is the father of my son Carlin Q. Williams. Sometime in July of 1976 I met Mr. Nelson in the lobby of the Crown Center Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri. Mr. Nelson and I drank wine and then he led me from the Crown Center Hotel to the Midwest Hotel where we checked into a room. I was unmarried at the time that I met Mr. Nelson.”

“Mr. Nelson and I had unprotected sexual intercourse in the Midwest Hotel in Kansas City, Missouri, in July 1976. I conceived Prince’s son Carlin Q. Williams that day. I did not have sexual intercourse with anyone six week before having sexual intercourse with Mr. Nelson and I did not have sexual intercourse with anyone after I had sexual intercourse with Mr. Nelson until I gave birth to Carlin Q. Williams on April 8, 1977, nine months later. I was not married when I gave birth to Carlin Q. Williams.”

If Williams is indeed the sole heir of Prince, Carlin stands to inherit Prince’s fortune.

“Carlin Q. Williams (Prince of Darkness) Son of Prince.”

The 39-year-old rapper is currently serving time in prison, but that fact isn’t negating Carlin from claiming to be the biological son of Prince, which can be determined from DNA blood tests.

On the Facebook page of Marsha Henson, photos can be seen of Marsha, with one of the latest ones showing a photo of Henson’s driver’s license. More photos of Marsha and Carlin from their Facebook pages can be seen on Heavy.

In the meantime, folks are already wondering aloud on social media why the claims from Williams would come after Prince’s death. People are discussing the reasons why Marsha and Carlin’s claims would either be truthful or not – with some speculating whether Williams truly could be a “love child” who might have been paid off by Prince prior to his death, and then left with no claims due to no will being found for Prince.

Others wonder if Williams is just an opportunist, hoping to be related to Prince, or if Marsha really did birth a child by Prince and just kept quiet about Carlin all these years. Time, and the DNA test results, will tell.

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[Photo by AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic]