Ben Higgins & Lauren Bushnell Break-Up Rumors Shot Down, Couple Could Be Headed For Televised Wedding Instead

Nathan Francis

Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are not breaking up, and in fact, the Bachelor couple could be rapidly headed to a wedding with all of America invited.

The couple who met and fell in love on the most recent season of The Bachelor has been facing some difficult rumors in recent weeks, with reports that their relationship is off to a rocky start. A report this week claimed that Lauren is very unhappy living with Ben in his native Colorado, feeling that she has "no purpose" and doesn't see a future there.

Ben was also unhappy, a source told OK! magazine.

"He's begged Lauren to get a job, get settled and make a new life for herself, but she just sits at home all day while he works," a source said.

The latest rumor piggybacked off other reports claiming there was growing tension between Ben and Lauren over his run as the Bachelor. Ben Higgins had a bit of an unprecedented season, as he became the first Bachelor ever to exchange "I love yous" with more than one contestant. Ben grew very close to runner-up Jojo Fletcher and reportedly had a very difficult time choosing between the two women at the end.

Ben ended up proposing to Lauren, but sources say his lingering feeling for Jojo didn't go away, and Lauren was having a difficult time dealing with it.

But amid the reports of a looming break-up for Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell, others close to the couple claim that they are actually very happy and moving quickly toward their wedding. The Hollywood Gossip noted that the couple sat down for an interview at Indiana University, and Lauren revealed that they're not planning to waste any time walking down the aisle.

"We've been engaged now for a lot longer than when the show ended, so I'm ready to at least start planning… Maybe by the end of this year."

Ben Higgins even hinted at the idea of a televised wedding, telling ABC News that he thinks "it'd be fun," and adding, "We're open to anything I think."

And if there are any problems brewing between Ben and Lauren, they are certainly not showing it. The couple has made a number of public appearances, looking very much the part of a happy couple, and Lauren has shared some pictures on Instagram where they appear happy and in love.

"I'm not one get all sentimental but Ben flew home yesterday while I stayed with my family to celebrate Mothers Day and it was the first day we've spent apart in a few weeks. The second he left I felt a piece of me missing. I can't wait to get home today to the most amazing person I've ever met. I'm so thankful for you, Ben."

[Image via Instagram]