‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 News: Kirkman Promises Another Surprise

The Walking Dead Season 7 is about to give you much more than just a death scene. What is coming for the highly rated AMC TV show is about to give fans a whole new outlook on the show and bring some major conflicts to the table, some of which were not even in the comic book.

If there is one thing that The Walking Dead on AMC loves to do, that is surprise its viewers with different content than they think is actually going to happen. Even though the show has a lot of source material that they work from with the comics, fans still manage to watch every episode with shock and torment.

The Walking Dead has performed so well with audiences around the world that the show is somewhat of an enigma, especially considering it is a horror TV series. Historically, horror TV shows did not do so well in the ratings, but well enough to keep them going a few seasons. Supernatural over on The CW is currently on Season 11 and Dark Shadows ran for several years before it was cancelled, only to later be rebooted.

But enough about that. Season 7 of The Walking Dead is poised to come back next October with some of the biggest ratings in cable television history, and for more reason than one, as reported by Comic Book Resources, via Robert Kirkman on his newest issue of The Walking Dead comic book series.

Kirkman started out by letting his Walking Dead fans know that he was sincerely sorry that everyone was so mad about the way that Season 6 of the show ended. He described in detail how it was not his, or their, intention to anger TWD fans. But rather he wanted to give his fans something to talk about over the summer. He also wanted TWD fans to spend the summer not feeling sad, but rather anxious to get back to the show on Season 7.

What Kirkman really expounded upon is that even though Season 6 of The Walking Dead ended in that dreaded cliffhanger, it is the months of speculation and careful investigation that is so fun not only for himself, but for the fans as well. He did mention a few names of characters that were not even at the fatal rendezvous, which included Carol, Morgan, Jesus, and Spencer. But for him to speculate that any one of them were the last victim on The Walking Dead would be far-fetched.

But then again, could this be another way that Kirkman and The Walking Dead are trying to plant Easter eggs, without us even knowing it? Of course no one thinks that Carol or Morgan were killed, because it would be ludicrous. It would simply be a waste of good air to make them the victims of the attack, and it would also insult TWD viewer’s intelligence.

But there was something else he mentioned that made way for something unexpected about Season 7 of The Walking Dead.

“The only thing I can PROMISE you is that the season seven premiere is going to be awesome,” Kirkman wrote in the comic. “And every minute of the season six finale was important and was setting something up that you probably won’t see coming…Be afraid…be very afraid. And excited!”

So therein lies your Easter egg. Even though Carol is a major character on The Walking Dead TV show, she didn’t make it nearly as far in the comic books. As a matter of fact, Carol did not even evolve into the dangerous character that The Walking Dead fans see every week on the show.

So even though she did not make the dangerous rendezvous, there is good evidence that she may be added to the list of victims in the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 7.

[Image via AMC]