Meri Brown’s Catfisher Still Claims To Be A Man, Releases New Voicemails

Meri Brown is revealing all about being catfished this season on Sister Wives. The story is that a woman named Jackie Overton pretended to be a man named Samuel Cooper. Meri’s version of the story is that there has never been a man, but always this woman pretending to be a man. She says that they talked on the phone and in text but never met in person. Samuel Cooper tells another story. Now this person, whoever it is, has been sharing on a blog called Not Batman Yet. This week the blog revealed that they are not even watching Sister Wives because they do not want to see Meri Brown lie about their relationship.

Samuel Cooper says instead that he watched the Thunder game and hung out with a friend. He knows that someone will tell him what happened with Meri Brown on the show if he watches it or not. Samuel still insists that he is a man and that he had a real relationship with Meri Brown. If you follow this blog, then it is obvious that Samuel is never admitting to being Jackie Overton or a woman who catfished Meri Brown. He has revealed that he would stop posting on the blog but continues to do so.

Today, Samuel Cooper shared another voicemail from Meri Brown. Over time, this blog has shared several of them. They are obviously the voice of Meri Brown, and she says things like that she loves him and hopes he has a good day. Meri even teased that they will be texting and then for some reason he won’t answer her call. Meri calls him “baby” in voicemails and various things. The YouTube page Bossy Pants has them all listed, and you can hear what Meri has to say. New ones continue to be posted all the time, and it is obvious that she cares for this person.

According to All About the Tea, Meri Brown and the Sister Wives crew are blurring some of the information on the show as well. Meri shared the details with Robyn about what was going on September 6, 2015. Sam shared that after this time they talked still, but Meri made it sound on the show like this was when Robyn found out that she has been catfished and that something terrible had happened. They didn’t make it sound like this was when Meri was still having an emotional affair with someone else. Meri is Kody Brown’s first wife and is still with him, but Kody did admit she was not having him come around as much.

Meri Brown also admitted on the show that the person catfishing her said he loved her and she was flattered to hear this news, but then Meri never admits to saying it back to him. The voicemails with Samuel Cooper prove that Meri did say it back more than once. It is obvious that Meri and this person were talking on the phone all the time. The story that the voicemails tells is not near the same as the one that Meri Brown is telling on the show. It will be interesting to see if she shares more details this season about her relationship with this person and admits that she was falling for them.

Do you believe Meri Brown or Samuel Cooper about what happened? Do you think that Meri is lying on the show? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

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