One Direction: Harry Styles, A Navy Engineer And Penis Enlargement Products

Harry Styles must look on in total bewilderment as those desperate for a little reflected stardom try to attract the attention of One Direction fans. Over the years, Harry’s fans have seen numerous stories about him in the media that later proved to be totally untrue. A recent story in the Inquisitr outlined how Harry has been the victim of numerous hoaxes and false or misleading stories. U.K. tabloid the Daily Star recently had to apologize to Styles for a totally false story that claimed that Harry was so smelly that Kendall Jenner had asked him to shower more often.

Of course, Harry has also been the subject of thousands of pieces of fan art, Photoshopped images, and face swapping. It isn’t often that Styles fans are duped, and this was the case when pictures emerged that claimed to be the first images of Harry after he had his long locks cropped.

Styles started something of a furor when he posted a picture of a hand holding a ponytail on his Instagram account a few days ago. Harry’s image showed a hand with a raised thumb holding long tresses of hair. Styles simply captioned the image “whoops” and added the hashtag #LittlePrincessTrust. As was reported by the Inquisitr earlier today, the Little Princess Trust makes wigs from real hair for children with cancers. It is believed that Harry has donated his hair to the charity, and Styles has most certainly raised awareness by posting and donating as he did.

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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As might be imagined, Harry’s fans were desperate to see pictures of his new hairstyle, and that opened the way for hoaxer Ellis Lacy. It seems that Lacy tried out for X Factor but didn’t make it very far. According to the Sun, Lacy used a Snapchat app to do a face swap with Styles, which he then posted online claiming it showed Harry with his new cut. If that wasn’t bizarre enough, the real story shows that life is indeed stranger than fiction.

It seems that Harry’s hoaxer has a YouTube channel that advertises the use of penis enlargement products. According to the Sun, Ellis claims that the use of a suction pump that can increase the length of your manhood by three centimeters. It seems that Ellis’ YouTube account also shows how to put on a condom correctly, and no detail is left unseen.

12 weeks Untill my career in the Royal Navy ends and my new life starts ???? can't wait #sailor #lifechange

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An image posted on Lacy’s Instagram account today shows that he is currently an engineer in the Royal Navy’s submarine service. That may well explain why his YouTube account was dormant for six months, as the Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet can stay submerged for lengthy patrols of up to six months. It isn’t clear if Lacy’s Navy bosses approve of his advertising of penis products.

It is perhaps fitting that Harry’s hoaxer is a member of the armed services, as Styles is set to play a leading role in the wartime movie Dunkirk. The movie tells the story of the evacuation of allied service personnel from Dunkirk during World War II. It has even been rumored that Styles will spend some time aboard a decommissioned Royal Navy ship getting into character for his role.

Of course, that role probably called for Styles to have his locks shorn, and it now appears that some genuine photo’s of Harry’s new look have emerged. The Sun claims a world exclusive as it shares pictures of Styles out and about in London earlier today. These pictures certainly show Harry, and while it is clear that his long hair has gone, fans will have to wait just a little longer for a proper look. Styles wore a cap that hides most of his hair.

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[Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP]