‘I Didn’t Kill My Sister’: Lifetime Movie About ‘Murder Unresolved’ Heats Up This Saturday Night, Starring Gina Holden

I Didn’t Kill My Sister is a brand new mystery thriller that is coming to Lifetime this Saturday. I Didn’t Kill My Sister is about a woman who is accused of her sister’s murder and the fight to prove her innocence. I Didn’t Kill My Sister, also known as Murder Unresolved and Asesinato Sin Resolver, is directed by Jason Bourque and written by Gemma Holdway. The two-hour suspense movie stars Gina Holden as Carmen, Chris William Martin as Mason, Peter Benson as Seth, Michael Challenor as Officer Watkins, Sarah Desjardins as Brooke, Philip Granger as Wayne Hamilton, Ona Grauer as Sandra, Dominika Juillet as Lois Summer, Viv Leacock as Jerry, Christos Shaw as Michael Warren, and Sharon Taylor as Detective Cruz.

I Didn’t Kill My Sister–Lifetime Movie Synopsis

All of her life Heather has lived in her sister’s shadow. Growing up, it seemed that Carmen had everything–the looks, the smarts, and the talent. Now, Heather is working behind the scenes as Carmen’s assistant at the local news station in California, where Carmen is a television reporter alongside her husband, Mason. But despite Carmen and Mason’s glowing success, their lives are falling apart. Carmen is having problems with her teenage daughter and her husband, who have now drawn closer to Heather.

In a strange twist, it looks like Carmen is the one losing everything as her sister sits back and watches. This goes right in harmony with what Carmen has always believed about Heather—that she wants everything she has including her cars, her money and her family. During the divorce proceedings, Heather tries to remain neutral, despite the couple’s ongoing problems. But when the popular TV news reporter collapses on the patio and is later found dead in the pool at her home, Heather becomes a prime suspect in Carmen’s suspicious death, since investigators know that Carmen and Heather had a huge fight the day that Carmen died.

When Heather realizes that she is the suspect and the story has gone public, labeling her as an unstable woman, she wonders who is feeding the police and the media information about her. In order to find out the truth, She launches her own investigation, which leads back to her brother-in-law, Mason, a man with many secrets that may have everything to do with his wife’s death.

As for true stories, it doesn’t appear that I Didn’t Kill My Sister is based on any particular story. However, if you are interested in any cases involving reporters and journalists who have been connected to murder cases, check out the cases below.

The case of former NTV journalist, Sarah Wambui Kabiru, and her husband, Moses Dola Otieno, according to the Standard Digital.

“A journalist is on the run after he murdered his wife, also a journalist, in their residence in Nairobi’s Umoja estate. Moses Otieno Dola formerly of Nation Newspapers is alleged to have killed Sarah Wambui Kabiru formerly of NTV after a quarrel on Saturday night. Dola is believed to have strangled Kabiru by either using his bare hands or a clothe. Her neck was swollen when police broke into the bedroom where the body was found on Sunday evening.”

The case of Nan Wyatt and Thomas Erbland, according to 2003 article in the LA Times.

“Nan Wyatt, 44, was found Tuesday evening in a bedroom of her home in the St. Louis suburb of Twin Oaks.Police said she had been shot several times with a.357-caliber Magnum handgun. Thomas Erbland, 43, was jailed without bail.”

I Didn’t Kill My Sister, aka Murder Unresolved, is produced by Odyssey Media with Pierre-Andre Rochat, Keith Shaw, and Kirk Shaw as executive producers. Watch it this Saturday at 8 p.m. on Lifetime Television.

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