Tracy Morgan Had A Moving Experience With His Late Father While In His Coma

Tracy Morgan, the actor and comedian best known for being a Saturday Night Live alumnus and a lead on 30 Rock, recently shared one of the most personal moments of his life to date. According to the Huffington Post, Tracy Morgan’s traffic accident from two years ago, which left him in a coma, had a very spiritual underlining beneath it.

During an interview with Oprah for Super Soul Sunday, Tracy said that he met his father, Jimmy, who had passed away in 1987 to AIDS during his comatose state. Tracy suffered severe brain injury during the collision and his chances of surviving seemed very slim, but something kept him going.

Tracy Morgan spoke on seeing his father during the coma.

“When you’re in a coma for eight to 10 days, you’re basically knocking on the door. I don’t know if I was in the coma or in and out of the coma. But I remember… I was talking to my dad. He had this green, this green thing on. I just remember him saying, ‘I’m not ready for you, son.'”

Tracy Morgan went on to say that at this point during his experience, he started crying so hard — harder than he cried at his father’s funeral. He remembers calling out “Dad,” saying that his father was his best friend.

This particular encounter during his comatose state was one of the most overwhelming things that Tracy Morgan has ever experienced. Morgan commented that it felt like his father was watching over him and keeping him safe the entire time that he was in his coma, and the experience changed him completely. According to People, Tracy Morgan said that the experience of seeing and interacting with his father during his coma made him realize that life would never be the same for him again.

Tracy Morgan spoke on how his life changed after the collision, saying that he had discussed the matter with his wife recently and didn’t know how to put it into words except to say that “something’s different.”

“The way I am with people, something’s just different. I find myself saying ‘I love you’ 200 times a day to strangers, I don’t care – I don’t gotta know you to love you, I love you!”

Aside from appearing on Oprah, Tracy Morgan also recently appeared on his friend Seth Meyers’ show: on a special episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers which was filmed just after Seth’s baby was born.

Meyers asked Tracy to review the recent blockbuster Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Morgan gladly proceeded with a review that was very entertaining, to say the least.

“I saw Batman v Superman, and the fix was in. I walked away angry thinking I had just seen Pacquiao-Mayweather again. Batman ain’t got no wins. All he got is a belt.”

Watch the review here.

Tracy Morgan went on to say that he is a “Superman dude” and that the film showed a different Batman and Superman than he was used to. He explained that the “first Batman” was angry at the criminals that had killed his father, whereas Ben Affleck’s Batman was angry because he had messed up with Jennifer Garner’s character, adding that “Jennifer Garner’s a fox!”

The pair also went on to reminisce about their old days together on Saturday Night Live, after Tracy Morgan hosted an episode of the show in October 2015. Morgan was received warmly by viewers who were happy and relieved to see that he had survived the atrocious incident that almost took his life two years ago.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]