WWE News: Vince McMahon Teases Possible WWE NXT Debuts, Some Within The Next 30 Days

WWE’s 2016 has started off a bit slow, but that is not all on the WWE due to the various injuries they have suffered through since last year. The year 2015 was the year of the injury and 2016 started off the same. However, WWE has managed to keep most all of their WWE NXT talent healthy so far and only lost two men to injury last year. One of which, Sami Zayn, has already made his return to action. Most think that WWE brought Zayn up so soon due to the need for stars.

WWE is now under the “new era” and that means new talent will be seen and all will be given major opportunities. Some think this will work similar to the early ’90s when Vince McMahon decided to go away from the Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage types and head toward a younger roster that will be built for the future and not just the present. Clearly WWE still needs the big names to stick around and help.

Unlike the plan from the past, there is no need to cut ties with top stars or put them in lesser roles. The likes of John Cena and Randy Orton can be utilized across the entire spectrum of WWE from random one-off matches to mid-card roles and even some main event material once more. However, the main roles are set to be about the new school guys. The new names, even the likes of AJ Styles who are a bit older, will be given a shot to show what they can do. We’re even seeing this now, as the main event is centered around The Club and The Family, one side has barely been with WWE for a few months while the other is a young squad of men who will be big for the next number of years, either in the singles main event area or tag team scene.

The Club v Family
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The New Era is about to be kicked up another notch, this according to Vince McMahon. During the first quarter earnings call, Vince spoke about a variety of things going on in WWE. He spoke about injured stars returning and some things coming up. However, one thing that came up was mostly about WWE NXT. He mentioned that 13 stars have been introduced this year on the main roster. This includes the likes of Enzo Amore, Big Cass, Simon Gotch, Aiden English, Baron Corbin, Sami Zayn, AJ Styles, Karl Anderson, Apollo Crews, Luke Gallows, and now Dana Brooke. However, WWE has not exactly introduced 13 this year, as that is two shy.

He touted that within the next 30 days, the company will have more people on the active main roster than ever before. Could this mean several debuts are coming within the next month? Was he including some stars they debuted last year too, like Tyler Breeze? It leaves us to wonder, who is WWE bringing to the main roster to add to the 13, and what time-frame can we see them come up?

We’ve all been hearing the rumors surrounding Finn Balor. It should go without saying that WWE has tempted it more than enough. If we go off the 30 day mark, that means we will clearly be seeing a guy like Finn Balor make his way to the main roster very soon. One rumor out of Cageside Seats claims we might be seeing him on the May 23 version of WWE RAW, which happens to be the night after WWE Extreme Rules.

Nakamura Authority
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We can also add current NXT Champion Samoa Joe to the list, as WWE has reportedly wants to bring him up to the main roster eventually. We could see him make his way up later this year. Another to add to the possible list is former NXT Women’s Champion Bayley, who makes total sense to bring up. The rumored plan is to have her come in later in the year, most likely by the fall, but they could bring her up sooner.

Another name to look out for is Shinsuke Nakamura. WWE will be having him face off with John Cena on the WWE Hawaii show, which is now confirmed to be airing live on the WWE Network. It would make sense for him to debut soon to possibly have him sell this more. WWE never intended to keep Nakamura down on NXT for a long time, so could he be one of the next to come up?

It is being said that anyone that debuts on the main roster will also still have some NXT commitments to work out. So any NXT tour or live event that is already scheduled will certainly have them take part. Of course, they would eventually work strictly with the main roster. It seems like the WWE Chairman may have let the cat out of the bag without intending to do so. Or he very well could be counting back a bit.

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