Ontario Mills Mall: Police Find Body In Car Trunk Behind Theater — Possible Suicide? [Updated]

Ontario police found a body in Ontario Mills parking lot. The mall is one of the largest in Southern California. When police found the body, it was near Edwards theater.

At Ontario Mills Mall, police investigated a suspicious car that was reported by security personnel, notes Press Enterprise. The source mentioned that the vehicle — located behind Edwards theater, Ontario Palace 22 — had been giving off a strange, potent odor. Once police authorities opened the car trunk, they found a decomposing body.

[Update – Wednesday, May 11, 1:00 a.m.]

According to Daily Bulletin, Ontario police identified the body of the deceased man from the mall’s parking lot. He was 29-year-old Lester Sandlin, from Summerville, South Carolina. Ontario Police Department Captain Kevin Lacy states, “The cause of death is pending an autopsy. The preliminary cause of death is suicide.”

The source reports that detectives aren’t clear about when Sandlin went missing from South Carolina. However, it mentions that they believe he overdosed on prescription medication before entering the car’s trunk. Yet, as mentioned by Ontario authorities — until the autopsy is complete and the results are confirmed — it’s speculation for now.

Summerville hasn’t placed any missing person’s notices for Lester Sandlin — not for the public anyway. Also, there hasn’t been any confirmed word from family members — including named discussions via social media outlets.

So, why do you think Sandlin would drive to California to commit such an act?

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Interestingly enough, the car’s license plates were from South Carolina. According to the Los Angeles Times, the car belonged to a man who had gone missing in South Carolina, mentions Ontario Police Department Sergeant Jeff Higbee.

Moreover, according to the Daily Bulletin, Ontario authorities couldn’t find any evidence of foul play or injuries to the deceased body. For now, the case is being investigated as a possible suicide.

Ontario police haven’t revealed the time span that the body had been in the car’s trunk or the parking lot. However, since it had been decomposing, authorities noted that it had, at the least, been several days, reports the source.

Likewise, Ontario authorities haven’t determined how the man died. After removing the body for examination, police had the car towed. The source notes that it was a gray Chevrolet Aveo.

Beatriz E. Valenzuela captured photos of the car at the scene.

Representatives for Ontario Mills Mall haven’t released a statement regarding the body found on its premises although the company’s Twitter feed remains active.

While on the “Ontario Mills” Twitter topic, several Ontario Mills shoppers have taken to the social media outlet to express their concerns over the mystery incident. Many suggest that they’re shocked by the found body, and they noted that it’s something uncommon for the area.

Likewise, many teenagers have cringed at the possibility that their parents are going to be wary about allowing them to travel to the mall due to this Ontario Mills parking lot incident. As you know, if there’s one place that teens usually get permission to attend, it’s movie theaters. As mentioned, this decomposing body was found behind Ontario Mills’ Edwards Palace 22 movie complex.

Nevertheless, this story is still developing, and the Inquisitr will update as more information becomes available. Please check back periodically. In the meantime, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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