Jay Z Apologizes To Beyoncé For Cheating On Her In ‘Funny Or Die’ Skit

Jay Z has made an apology to Beyoncé in Funny or Die‘s latest skit titled, I Gave You Lemons, according to The BoomBox. Well, it wasn’t exactly Jay Z who said those words, but his fake voice sure sounded like his own!

Funny or Die‘s skit featuring Jay Z’s fake voice came as a response to the rapper’s wife, Beyoncé’s recently released album titled Lemonade. In the lyrics to one of her songs in the album, Beyoncé hints that Jay Z cheated in his marriage to her.

Watch the full video here, but be warned that it’s just shy of an hour long!

And since Jay Z hasn’t publicly responded to the lyrics yet, fans had to get creative, creating their own responses and making it seem like it was the rapper who actually said it. But Funny or Die‘s hour-long video called I Gave You Lemons has presented the funniest responds so far.

The skit came as a spoof to Beyoncé’s Lemonade visual album and featured random clips of nature while Jay Z’s fake voice is narrating what seems to be an apology to his wife. Many of Beyoncé’s fans have been wondering whether the songs from her new album could be dedicated to her marriage to the rapper.

In the fake apology, Jay Z says that life gave Beyoncé lemons,and so she made Lemonade, adding that life gave him lemonade, which is why he is making this video apology. But the funniest response comes to Beyoncé’s “you better call Becky with the good hair” lyrics.

“You know what I think you got beautiful hair even if it’s not yours, I think it’s good. You got a lot wigs and you’re beautiful. Becky don’t got wigs, it’s natural you know. I was drawn to that and that’s my bad.”

The real Jay Z is a good father judging by the latest pics and videos taken backstage during Beyoncé’s April 29 Formation tour, according to Hollywood Life. The rapper took a break during his wife’s show in Tampa to dance with their daughter, Blue Ivy.

And even if Jay Z cheated on Beyoncé as Beyoncé seems to be hinting in the lyrics to one of her songs from Lemonade, the rapper certainly loves their four-year-old daughter, and he certainly showed his affection for Blue Ivy on the video from his wife’s concert. And the sweetest thing about that video is that Jay Z and Blue were dancing along to Beyoncé’s music.

It was Beyoncé’s song, “End of Time,” that prompted Jay Z to invite his daughter to share a dance. And the cutest thing about that dance is that Blue was confused at first, not knowing how to do her dad’s dance. But eventually, Jay Z taught her the moves. She sure has Beyoncé’s moves in her!

In one of the moments of their dance, Jay Z spins Blue around to regroup, and the little lady nails her footwork just like her daddy showed her! And what makes this video special is the fact that the couple’s fans rarely get the opportunity to see Jay Z spending time with Blue Ivy as it always seems to be her mother accompanying Blue in pics and videos posted via social media.

But Beyoncé sure values those precious moments Jay Z and Blue spend together as she featured a video of her husband and daughter having lots of fun while playing football together in her Lemonade special, which aired on HBO.

[Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images]