Terrifying New Trailer Released For Robert Kirkman’s ‘Outcast’ [Video]

A new trailer has been released for Outcast, the new series from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. One thing that can be particularly noted about this new trailer is that it is everything that fans of The Walking Dead have come to notice about Kirkman’s style of storytelling, especially since he always seemed to reinvent the genre with more stakes and drama.

Outcast has been teased by its home network, premium cable channel Cinemax, for quite some time. Although all of the first video teasers for Outcast have been vague, they have also been thrilling and gave fans a chance to really weigh in on the series that Robert Kirkman created in a graphic novel comic, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Putting the show on Cinemax also seems like the right move for Kirkman, given that his material features such intense depictions of violence and sexuality. Outcast is very much similar to his work on The Walking Dead in the sense that he takes the genre, or the subgenre, of horror and makes it his version of what true terror and drama should look like.

Outcast features a man, Kyle Barnes (Patrick Fugit), who has been plagued all of his life with demonic possessions. The new trailer really shows just how much intensity Fugit brings to the role as well. There are many stakes that seem to be presented in the new trailer, but there are also an equal amount of moments where Barnes seems like he is taking the action with a sincere aggression, much like Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead.

One thing to note in the new trailer for Outcast is that Barnes is not just someone who has arrived on the scene and makes a stir with a naïve sense of what is really happening. The town that is under siege by the plague of demonic possession is more naïve to what they must do to survive than Barnes. But it is he who also seems to be taking the role to the next level, essentially evolving into what could possibly be interpreted as the anti-hero in Outcast.

This is quite similar to what Robert Kirkman has done with Rick Grimes on The Walking Dead. Although that character seems to be a good man, he is still forced to make decisions that hurt good people in order to save his own people and family. That is something that also played out in the Season 6 finale of TWD.

Fans of The Walking Dead can expect some of the same storytelling on Outcast. Kirkman is bringing his unique skills over to Cinemax, as evidenced in the new trailer, and putting them to use on the show to bring the same sense of dread and longing for normalcy by the characters.

The core story to Outcast, as seen in the new trailer, is that Barnes is quite experienced with the concept of demonic possession, and it forces him to go on a journey as an adult to see why he has been such a magnetic force for demons to possess him. He wants answers, and being the outcast in this new city, that means he is also a mystery man who people may start to look at as the source of the affliction that is coming down upon them.

The new trailer for Outcast also shows that the series, although it is not post-apocalyptic in the sense that global society is crumbling, is still pre-apocalyptic in this town. As a matter of fact, Cinemax liked the first episodes of Outcast so much that they already renewed it for Season 2.

There is quite a bit that fans can learn about Outcast in the new trailer. They will also get to see how closely it relates to The Walking Dead in terms of story, horror, and drama.

The new trailer also says that Outcast will premiere on Cinemax on June 3.

[Image via Cinemax]