Brandi Redmond On Marriage With Bryan: ‘Glass Is Half Full,’ Stephanie Hollman Praises Brandi

The latest episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas continued to show Brandi Redmond facing some marriage difficulties. Brandi threw a BBQ party at her home to celebrate her reunion with her maternal grandfather, with whom she was previously estranged. Besides her maternal grandfather and his spouse, at her home were her brother, sister-in-law, and friend and co-star Stephanie Hollman.

Unfortunately for Brandi, her husband, Bryan, didn’t seem to understand how important the event was. He showed up late and seemingly drunk. He barely acknowledged Brandi, commented that someone forgot to put sunscreen on one of their daughters, and seemed to only briefly say hello to Brandi’s grandfather, whom he had never met before. The episode ended with Brandi tearing up in her confessional interview about Bryan and saying that he’s in the doghouse.

In her blog post recapping the latest episode, Brandi admitted that Bryan’s behavior left her “embarrassed and heartbroken” and that she got emotional all over again while watching the scene.

“I will say I was so excited and nervous about the family time coming together and Bryan didn’t make me feel important in that moment. I felt embarrassed and heartbroken. Having to watch what already hurt was difficult and I became emotional all over again.”

Brandi also stuck up for Travis, Stephanie Hollman’s husband. As viewers saw happen on the episode, Brandi explained to her guests that Bryan was flying in from a business trip and that he would be there as soon as he landed. When Bryan’s absence dragged on, it was Stephanie who called her husband, who is friends and works with Bryan, to check up on where Bryan was. Travis revealed that Bryan was with him, having drinks after playing a round of golf. Travis and Brandi eventually showed up to the party together.

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Brandi Redmond revealed that Travis didn’t know that Bryan had never met her grandfather before and apologized profusely later for not forcing Bryan to go to the party earlier. Brandi made clear that the only person she blames for Bryan’s actions and attitude is him. She also provided an explanation for his behavior. He apparently is not good with showing his emotions and being nurturing because he’s afraid of getting hurt.

“But either way, I don’t blame anyone but Bryan for his actions and attitude. Bryan is a very focused man and sometimes it gets the best of him. He puts up a wall sometimes to block out things that seem to be difficult… I know he loves me and wants me to be happy so he supported, but not in a nurturing way.”

On a previous episode, Brandi cried to Stephanie as she told her that Bryan was ignoring her after she confessed that she went up on stage and danced with a male stripper during their girls’ night out. She confessed that Bryan made her feel as if she was always doing something wrong.

The morning after the latest episode aired, Brandi posted her blog in three parts to her Instagram page. For the part that addresses Bryan and her marriage, Brandi admitted that it was the hardest part to write. Yet it seems that viewers will see Brandi and Bryan get to a better place, despite the preview clip of next week’s episode showing Bryan walking out on her and declaring that he’s “done” after she confronts him about not giving her enough attention.

Brandi told her fans to keep watching and commented that “the glass is half full.” Brandi’s Instagram page also shows many recent photos of herself and Bryan seemingly very happy with one another.

Stephanie Hollman, who said in her The Real Housewives of Dallas confessional interview that Bryan is “very ignorant” when it comes to doing the right thing in his marriage, and that he didn’t take the family reunion seriously, continues to support Brandi Redmond. Stephanie responded to Brandi’s Instagram post by praising her strength for showing a vulnerable side of marriage. Stephanie also reminded people that everyone has been disappointed in their spouse.

“I love you and your family. Your very strong to show a vulnerable side of marriage. We have all been disappointed in our spouse. I love you❤️❤️❤️”

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