‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Alexis Faces Shockers, Anna Gets Fierce, And Nathan’s Initial Condition Is Revealed

This is a big week on General Hospital, and spoilers tease that there is plenty of drama on the way. Jason regained his memories during Monday’s episode as he scrambled to help Dante after the accident, and this scenario will pave the way for big changes in his life. There is more on that situation coming during Tuesday’s show, but teasers indicate that there is quite a bit of action playing out elsewhere in Port Charles during the May 10 episode as well. What can fans expect?

Nathan was also in the transportation vehicle when Carlos stabbed Dante and caused the wreck. However, viewers have yet to see him in the carnage of the accident. Most would assume that he must also have been unconscious after the initial wreck, and now the vehicle itself has blown up.

The GH spoiler preview for the next episode teases that Nathan manages to call in a report detailing that Carlos has escaped. Given that, it would appear that Nathan will initially seem to have minimal injuries.

However, a spoiler clip for the week as a whole shows him in dire condition as he is being rushed into the emergency room. Could it be that he has something like internal bleeding or a head injury that causes a collapse after he makes the call about Carlos and at first appears to be fine?

As We Love Soaps shares, Lulu and Maxie will continue the conversation they started regarding Nathan and Claudette. Lulu was thrilled to be asked to be Maxie’s matron of honor, and they started to discuss a trip to New York to look at wedding gowns. However, Maxie shared that she also found an address for Claudette in New York and she plans to visit her. It sounds as if Lulu will try to dissuade her bestie from pursuing this, but General Hospital spoilers share that Maxie says that she just has to find out the truth.

There are a lot of rumors swirling about the truth regarding Claudette, what Nathan is still hiding, and Griffin’s connection to the situation. Viewers don’t know yet exactly how this will play out, but answers will be coming soon. The GH spoiler preview for Tuesday’s show details that Anna will be asking Griffin about being shot. According to Serial Scoop, both Anna and Sonny soon learn something key about Griffin that leaves them quite stunned. Just how has he been lying to Anna, and how is he connected to both Sonny and Nathan?

It seems that Jason will get Dante some help and he will get back to Sam. He will be anxious to tell her everything that happened after the wreck, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Sam will connect with Alexis as well. Julian is seen calling out for Alexis, and Alexis is surprised to see Sam at the house. According to SheKnows Soaps, Sam will be pretty shaken up by what has happened to her husband and it seems she turns to Alexis to sort through everything.

Jordan gets in touch with Alexis during this next episode and has quite a bit to say to her. Alexis had no idea that Carlos was planning an escape, as Paul was the one behind getting the pen and paper clip to Carlos. However, now Alexis’ integrity is being called into question and it looks like this will lead to an emotional confrontation with Julian soon. Paul is seen at the station in GH spoiler previews for this next episode, marching in and declaring that he wants to talk to Jordan about the Rivera case. How long will it take for Paul to be busted on his shenanigans regarding this matter?

Carly will be anxious to see if her relationship with Jason reverts back to what it was, but as TVLine details, things will not be nearly that simple. GH spoilers indicate that these relationships will be significantly rebuilt now that those elusive memories have returned, but that doesn’t mean that things will automatically go back to the way they were before.

Anna’s life will be at risk and GH spoilers tease that she is about to have an epic battle with Carlos. The preview for the week shows a brief glimpse of Anna and Carlos together, possibly at the docks, and this will be one heated confrontation. While her life might be in danger, it looks as if she gets in some serious kicks before he manages to get away.

Will Nathan be able to fully recover from the accident? What will Griffin reveal about his past? Is Dante going to make it? How will Alexis cope with Julian’s betrayal and her client’s disappearance? There is a lot of chaos on the way, and fans cannot wait to see how it all comes together on General Hospital.

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