‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season 7 Death Scene Officially Filmed, Who Did Negan Kill?

The Walking Dead Season 7 is officially filming, and that Season 6 cliffhanger has been resolved. The cast have all arrived in Atlanta, Georgia, where the show films, and kept the conclusion of the Negan death scene under wraps as they filmed the death of one beloved character, but who?

According to Wet Paint, The Walking Dead cast have all reunited in Georgia and unfortunately, one of them is going to be leaving for good, but that person’s identity is being kept under lock and key.

The Walking Dead Season 7 conclusion to the Season 6 finale cliffhanger was reportedly filmed on May 4, but because spoilers have a way of being leaked very easily, the scene was shot inside as to keep it as private as possible.

The Spoiling Dead Facebook page revealed that all the actors from the Season 6 finale line up have been seen on set, and that one fan favorite character has likely already filmed their final scene for the show, a gruesome death scene.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Death Scene already filmed, but who did Negan kill?
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Showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that he and The Walking Dead cast and crew are going to try to keep the secret of Negan’s victim for as long as they possibly can, and hope that it doesn’t leak.

“We are going to try to protect the secret of this and to protect the audience’s experience. I sure hope it doesn’t leak, but the world is what the world is.”

While the secret is still safe, some Walking Dead fans are desperately trying to find out who Negan’s victim was, and have gone to great lengths to figure it out.

Many videos enhancing the audio from the scene have been released, as well as a number of different theories about which character was the one to meet Negan’s bat, Lucille, and how certain deaths would impact the show.

While spoilers about the victim have been few and far between, most viewers believe that there are only three major candidates. Glenn Rhee, Daryl Dixon, and Abraham Ford are the three most mentioned names in the theories, and most fans seem to think one of the men will be revealed as Negan’s victim when Season 7 premieres in October.

The Walking Dead Season 7 spoilers: Negan's death scene finished filming.
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Glenn, as many fans know, was Negan’s victim in The Walking Dead comic book series. Glenn’s death in the graphic novels was a huge turning point for Maggie, Rick, and the rest of the group, and would likely be even bigger if it happened on the television show. Fans have come to love Glenn, who is one of the only original living members of the group who was seen in Season 1. Glenn, along with Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, and Morgan are the only ones left from the beginning, and losing any of them would be a huge blow to viewers.

Meanwhile, there is also a theory that Daryl could have been the one to die. Daryl is arguable The Walking Dead‘s most popular character, and if he were the one to die, fans would be completely shocked by the loss.

The character of Daryl is not in the comic book series, and there is really nothing to compare him to. This leaves Daryl as a total wild card, who could basically be killed off at any time in any way.

However, other Walking Dead fans are certain that Abraham Ford will be the one to meet Lucille. Abraham had a very emotional episode in the Season 6 finale, as he finally made peace with his best friend, Eugene, and planned for a future with his girlfriend, Sasha. Not to mention that Abe’s comic book death was given to Dr. Denise a few episodes back, and that opens up his character to be Negan’s unlucky victim.

No matter what happens, Walking Dead fans will continue to try to solve the mystery, that won’t officially be answered until October.

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