‘Family Guy’ Under Fire From Trump Supporters For Donald Trump Parody

The popular Family Guy cartoon didn’t get popular by being particularly polite, but that hasn’t stopped Donald Trump supporters from getting furious over a recent spoof.

In typical Family Guy style, the show’s creators managed to effectively skewer presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. The image, which quickly went viral, is part of the show’s campaign to get an Emmy. The show’s patriarch, Peter Griffin, is in a suit, a flag pin on his lapel, standing in front of a lectern. The show’s creators even tinged Peter’s skin orange — giving him white circles of skin around his eyes — and finished his makeover off with a blonde comb-over.

Sound familiar?

[Photo by Joey Foley/WireImage/Getty Images]

The show then captioned the image.

“As long as we’re voting for dumb loudmouths, can I get an Emmy?”

It doesn’t take much imagination to see the self-proclaimed business billionaire and presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump in both the image and the words.

Family Guy has been submitted for an Emmy in the Outstanding Animated Program this year. The show has previously been placed in the category of Outstanding Comedy, and in 2009, was the first animated comedy to be nominated within that category since 1961, when Flintstones made it. Through the years, Family Guy has been nominated a total of 13 times, taking home a total of five Emmy wins.

One of the many reasons why Family Guy is so popular is its relevance, and it has become known for poking fun at pop culture, current events, and public figures.

The image of Peter-as-Trump is considered to be the show’s official “For Your Consideration” image, and was sent out to Emmy voters last week in order to hopefully nab a nomination in the Outstanding Animated Program. And while Trump — perhaps surprising, considering his willingness to openly engage and battle his detractors — has not commented on the image, Trump’s fans aren’t taking this quietly.

In fact, Trump supporters are calling for Fox to cancel Family Guy, and encouraging the boycott of the show. Hundreds of critical comments have flooded the official Facebook page of Family Guy, after posting a link to The Hollywood Reporter article that documented the Trump parody.

The article points out that this is not the first time Donald Trump has been a comedic target for Family Guy, and states that other shows have poked fun at Trump in current seasons.

“Trump has been the butt of Family Guy jokes in the past, though he hasn’t figured prominently into the Fox cartoon yet this season. Other series have not shied away from the divisive mogul since he announced his candidacy last year. Both South Park and The Carmichael Show have made him the subject of episodes.”

But Trump supporters were having none of it.

“Years of watching every episode of Family Guy no more,” one angry commenter wrote.

“[Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane] needs to stop trying to shove his political views down our throat [sic],” wrote another. “It’s idiots like him who are trying their best to destroy this country.”

The show was soundly criticized for “hiring more liberal writers,” while Family Guy supporters encouraged Trump fans to “lighten up.”

Others expressed surprise that Trump supporters were just now figuring out that the show’s writers are more liberal in their politics.

Supporters of the show also drew contrast between voters who clamor for a less “politically correct” culture demanding retribution for a show that is known for being anything but politically correct.

people who rail against PC culture are offended by Family Guy’s Trump spoof, in case you thought they were consistent.

— simon (@stillwellgray) May 6, 2016

There is no way to tell yet whether Family Guy’s effort to snag an Emmy nomination while parodying Donald Trump has worked. Emmy nomination voting is slated to begin June 13.

[Image credit Official Family Guy Facebook page]