Mother’s Day Brawl Erupts At Atlanta Steakhouse [Video]

A Mother’s Day massive melee broke out in an Atlanta-area steakhouse when customers and employees apparently got into a beef.

The WWE-style hardcore brawl on Sunday evening occurred at the Kiku Japanese Steakhouse, and cell phone footage of the incident quickly went viral.

See footage embedded below of what could hardly be classified as a Happy Mother’s Day at the Atlanta venue.

Police reportedly have access to not-yet-released surveillance video that provides a better look than the cell phone recordings of what went down at the restaurant.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution claims that the full-on brawl was allegedly prompted by something that could be reminiscent of a scene from the movie Goodfellas.

“According to a police report, busboy Demonte Harrison was cleaning tables when a female customer berated him for smiling. Harrison told the customer it was his job to smile and she couldn’t tell him not to smile. That’s when a male customer got up and punched Harrison, according to the report. Three other males in the group attacked Harrison, too. Restaurant owner Charlie Son said his employees attempted to help Harrison fight off the men.”

Fortunately, no one reportedly suffered any serious injuries in the ruckus, and there appeared to be minimal damage to the facility which reopened last night. Cops added that alcohol was involved, Atlanta TV station 11Alive reported, but it is unclear whether that was a contributing factor to the fisticuffs.

Cops are looking for five suspects, four males and one female, as a result of the steakhouse scuffle, who evidently also left without paying, adding insult to injury.

That being said, the restaurant owner indicated that he lost about $5,000 in Mother’s Day proceeds from customers at other tables trying to celebrate Mother’s Day who understandably fled when the free-for-all, as it were, broke out.

The suspects could face charges of battery and theft of services as a result of their involvement. Watch this space for updates on the case.

“Nothing quite says ‘I love you, Mom’ like throwing hands in the Japanese steakhouse with the help. Trays flying, plates smashing. Men, women throwing punches. Absolutely chaos,” Barstool Sports quipped about the Atlanta altercation.

“Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day. How did you show your mom you love and appreciate her? Brought some flowers over hopefully. Went out to a nice brunch, wrote a thoughtful card. Maybe went for a walk if it was a nice day out. Maybe took her to a Japanese steakhouse and started a brawl with the wait staff where every employee in the place including the line cooks came out to throw haymakers and knock [people] out all over the hibachi grills,” Barstool Sports separately joked.

Last year, cell phone cameras captured a Mother’s Day brawl in a Columbus, Georgia, Red Lobster restaurant when two families got into a physical confrontation that may have been prompted by a past incident. To make matters worse, the alleged victim of the assault apparently was holding a toddler in his arms when the violence started, but fortunately the child was unharmed. Cops arrested four suspects.

Apart from this year’s unhappy Mother’s Day brawl at the Atlanta Japanese steakhouse, the Inquisitr has previously chronicled brawls that have broken out in eateries all across the country, such as a Denny’s donnybrook in Virginia as one of many examples. This raises a fundamental question as to whether more of these incidents are occurring than ever before or is social media allowing us to find out about them quicker.

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