November 14, 2017
Carrie Underwood Stuns In Sassy 'Church Bells' Music Video

Carrie Underwood is bringing some serious drama in her new music video for the track "Church Bells."

Underwood debuted her new music video for "Church Bells" on May 10 via Good Morning America, which shows the country superstar strutting around the stage on her uber-successful "Storyteller: Stories in the Round" tour.

In the sassy hit, which is sure to follow "Heartbeat" to become Underwood's 24th No. 1 hit, Carrie showcases her stunning "Storyteller: Stories in the Round" tour production, which has already hit more than 40 cities around the U.S. and Europe with another 47 dates scheduled before the huge production wraps in November.

According to Icy Magazine, Underwood shot her latest music video in front of 15,000 fans during a sold out stop on her "Storyteller: Stories in the Round" tour stop in Lincoln, Nebraska, on March 24, showcasing the 150-foot stage that stretches across the arena floor and the huge podium that lifts Carrie 17 feet into the air.

"We knew the crowd here was going to be so amazing, we thought we'd go ahead and shoot our next music video here in Lincoln tonight," Carrie Underwood told concert-goers at the March show before filming her epic new video.

"If you know it, sing along with it, get into it," Carrie added, telling the crowd, "They're filming me, they're filming you, they're filming everything in this room!"

Carrie Underwood previously spoke out about her decision to make "Church Bells," which touches on domestic abuse and murder, in an interview with the Boot, where Carrie opened up about her latest single choice and the pretty dramatic story behind the song.

Carrie Underwood Stuns In Sassy 'Church Bells' Music Video [Video]
[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Schmidt Public Relations]

"She's young, she's pretty, she's poor, doin' what she can to survive, meets a man that has a lot of wealth and is supposed to take care of her and get her out of this," Carrie Underwood told the site of "Church Bells'" main character, Jenny, earlier this year.

"She ends up with him, and he ends up not being a good guy at all and it forces her to be strong, and it forces her to do something that she never thought she'd be able to do," Underwood continued, revealing that the drama surrounding their relationship leads the character to murder.

"She ends up, um, she ends up killing him, which is not a new subject for me," Carrie joked in the interview, referencing her other hits that have discussed the subject, including her 2012 singles "Two Black Cadillacs" and "Blown Away."

Carrie Underwood Stuns In Sassy 'Church Bells' Music Video [Video]
[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp]

"In the beginning they represent a wedding; in the middle, they represent her needing some help after he abuses her... so then at the end, of course, the church bells represent the ones the ring out at his funeral, and she's free," Carrie said of the hit "Church Bells." "A lot happens in three and a half minutes."

But while Carrie Underwood may be singing about abuse and murder in her latest single "Church Bells," that doesn't mean Underwood's personal life doesn't find her way into her music.

Speaking out about putting her life experiences into music, Carrie recently confessed that it would be "impossible" for her own life not to find its way into her tracks.

"It would be impossible for your life, your stories or stories of people that are around you, it would be impossible for them to not work their way into your music," Underwood admitted. "Even on some of the songs that are more movie-esque... a little more dramatic than real life. You still want people to relate to the characters in them," Carrie said.

What do you think of Carrie Underwood's official concert music video for the single "Church Bells?"

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