‘Bates Motel’ Spoilers: Did That Really Just Happen?

Bates Motel viewers were completely shocked at the end of Monday night’s episode. It seems the moment fans have been waiting for since the show started has finally come, but did Norman really kill his mother, Norma?

During the all new episode of Bates Motel, Norman continued to come between Norma and Alex’s relationship. Alex, fearing for Norma’s safety, urged his wife to take Norman back to Pine View, where he could continue to get the help he needs for his mental illness. However, Norma, ever blinded by her love for her youngest son, refused to do so.

Alex had no clue how to get through to Norma, so he contacted Dylan, and told him about the situation. Dylan agreed with Alex about Norman needing to return to the mental hospital but refused to sign a paper to have him committed against his will, stating that he couldn’t do that to his brother and mother. However, Dylan did confront Norma about Norman’s illness and the fact that he likely did something terrible to Emma’s mother.

Bates Motel Spoilers: Norman kills his mother. Is Norma really dead?
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In the end, nothing he said mattered, and Norma still chose to protect Norman at all cost. Dylan said a sad goodbye to his brother and left. Bates Motel fans can likely expect him to distance himself from his family and start a new life with Emma in Seattle.

Meanwhile, Norma decided that she couldn’t be married to Alex and give Norman the attention he needed, so she decided that it was the end of her marriage. Norman found his mother completely crushed by the split and lulled her to sleep with thoughts of moving away from White Pine Bay and heading off to a tropical island.

Once Norma is asleep, Norman calmly heads to the basement, where he fires up the malfunctioning furnace and proceeds to close all of the vents in the house, hoping to kill himself and his mother by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Bates Motel fans were stunned by this point but were hoping for a savior, which they got. Alex, hoping to reconcile with Norma, entered the home and quickly discovered the grisly scene. Alex got both of the Bates’ out into some open air and realized that Norma wasn’t breathing. The sheriff tried to revive his wife but broke down when he realized that it was too late. At this point, Norman wakes up to see Alex sobbing over his mother’s dead body.

Bates Motel Shocker: Norman finally kills his mother Norma Bates.
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Is this really the end of the line for Norma Bates? It appears so. Since Bates Motel is a prequel to the Alfred Hitchcock classic horror film, Psycho, Norma’s death was pretty much a given, but to have it happen in Season 4 completely stunned fans, especially since the show has announced Season 5 will be the end of the line for the series.

According to Entertainment Weekly, showrunners have revealed that it was always the plan to kill Norma Bates in Season 4, because Norman’s Season 5 transformation into the Psycho version of himself will be a process. However, it is promised that actress Vera Farmiga, who plays Norma, will still be a big part of the series, as Norman will likely start visualizing his mother even more now that she’s dead.

Bates Motel has become one of the creepiest shows on TV, and fans are loving every minute of the scary series. After Norma’s big death scene in Monday night’s episode, viewers took to their social media accounts to reveal their sadness over Norma Bates’ death, as the characters are likable even at their worst.

Were you shocked that Bates Motel killed off Norma Bates before the Season 4 finale?

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