Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom Split? ‘Lord Of The Rings’ Star Spotted Partying With Former Flame Selena Gomez

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s romance is one of the hottest in Hollywood. Not only have they confirmed their status as a couple, but Perry was been sighted hanging out with Bloom’s son this past month. Although their new relationship was going great, Bloom’s latest activities might indicate things are over between him and Perry before they really got started.

According to Radar Online, Bloom was recently spotted partying the night away with rumored former flame Selena Gomez. The two met up at a Las Vegas nightclub after Gomez’s Revival tour. With Perry absent from the party, Gomez appeared “in high spirits” while she and Bloom danced together.

Perry and the Lord of the Rings star announced their relationship earlier this year and appeared to be going strong. Although Bloom’s ex Miranda Kerr was hesitant to introduce another woman into her son’s life, Perry was spotted hanging out with Bloom’s son, Flynn, only a few weeks after their relationship was confirmed.

Despite all outward appearances, Bloom’s night of partying with Gomez throws serious doubt in his relationship with Perry. Although neither Bloom nor Perry have addressed the latest rumors, Perry’s absence from the party remains a mystery.

As far as Gomez is concerned, Movie News Guide revealed that her concert in Las Vegas was the beginning of a 75-date tour that includes Joe Jonas and Bea Miller. When opening up about her new tour and sensational dance routines that go along with it, Gomez explained how this tour is all about the music.

“I just want to perform; I’m not trying to dance as much as I did the last run. I really, I just want to sing,” she stated. “And I want to show people that I can sing.”

Apparently, Gomez saved all her dancing for Bloom and the rest of her friends at the after-party. Apparently, the group danced to Rihanna’s new track, “Work,” and later to Justin Bieber’s song “Sorry.”

That being said, an inside source told People that nothing romantic is going on between Bloom and Gomez. Instead, the two stars are “absolutely just friends,” and their recent appearance together was just a friendly get-together. Even still, Bloom and Gomez talked for some 20 minutes while eyewitnesses spotted Bloom kissing her on the cheek before he left.

According to Hollywood Life, nothing is amiss between Bloom and Katy Perry. Despite rumors of a coming split, an inside source told the outlet that their relationship is going so well that they are already planning on a future wedding and a family together.

“When it comes to Katy, Orlando is loving every minute of their relationship,” the source explained. “They have said that they love each other and he has mentioned to her that he would love to be married to her and have children with her someday as well. His someday is sooner than hers but they are having those discussions and are happy with each other. What they have is pretty solid.”

Meanwhile, Perry and Bloom have fought a number of different rumors over the course of their young relationship. Along with the reports of Bloom and Gomez hanging out, Gossip Cop recently put down rumors that Perry and Bloom had sought out professional help to keep their romance strong.

Reports indicated that Perry and Bloom had employed someone in Hollywood who has a reputation for producing marriages. Apparently, the “healer” also helps with forgiveness and love, especially after hurtful fights.

However, a source told the outlet that reports are “made up” and that Bloom and Perry are not seeking help in their relationship. In fact, the sourced explained that the two did not hire a “celebrity healer” to help them along with their romance.

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[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]