One Direction’s Harry Styles Teases Fans And Draws More Love

One Direction star Harry Styles could hardly be more famous. As one-quarter of the world’s biggest boy band, Styles has over 28 million followers on Twitter and over 17 million on Instagram. Harry could scarcely be more recognizable, and in recent years, Styles’ flowing locks have become a huge part of his identity. For a couple of years now, Harry’s fans have watched as the 22-year-old singer grew his hair longer, and they awaited the day that Styles would be shorn of his now signature shoulder-length hair.

Styles fans will be aware that Harry has been saying for some time that when his hair met its fate, he would donate it to charity. It now seems that the day has come, and Styles fans went into meltdown. Just a couple of days ago, Harry posted a color picture on his Instagram feed that suggests his long hair has met its fate.

The picture shows a hand with a raised thumb holding a pony tail. Harry simply captioned the picture “whoops” and added the hashtag #LittlePrincessTrust.

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

A photo posted by @harrystyles on

It would appear that Styles has made good on his promise to donate his hair to charity because Little Princess Trust is a U.K. charity which supplies high-quality wigs, made from real hair, to children suffering from childhood cancers. The founders, Wendy and Simon Tarplee, lost their own child to a Wilms tumour in 2005.

Of course, Styles is famous for being enigmatic on social media. Harry often posts just a single word or a song lyric and leaves fans to draw their own interpretation. On this occasion, Harry’s single-word post sent fans scrambling to find out what the charity is all about, and by doing so, he has provided the kind of exposure that small charities can only dream about.

The charity was quick to acknowledge Harry’s gesture with a statement on their website.

“What a day! The news of Harry Styles having his hair cut to give to the Little Princess Trust went viral.

“Harry’s Instagram post reached 1 million likes within 5 hours!

“The #littleprincesstrust Harry included in his post trended globally and people across the world who were previously unaware of the charity, now have visited our website, followed us on Instagram and Twitter, pledged to donate themselves.

“All of this means that we can help even more boys and girls – and that, without a doubt, is the most important thing.”

Of course, Harry’s fans are now desperate to see some shots of Styles new look, but Harry is playing it cool for now. At present, no genuine pictures have emerged, and as a result, the hoaxers are at work.

On Saturday, the Mirror reported that X Factor failure Ellis Lacy fooled some Styles fans when he posted a faceswap picture and tried to pass it off as the first picture of Harry’s haircut.

Styles and his One Direction bandmates are used to having people try to use them for a little bit of reflected glory and to try to raise their own profiles. Sadly for Lacy, Harry’s fans are rarely fooled by stunts like this for long, and the One Direction fandom exposed the picture as a hoax in no time flat.

Of course, Styles fans are always quick to support the charities that Harry supports, and the One Direction charity team were quick to throw their weight behind the charity.

According to the Sun, Lacy is more famous for stripping naked for videos showing how to use a penis enlargement pump and how to put on a condom correctly. With a resume like that, it is understandable how Lacy might want to pass himself off as Harry Styles.

[Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images]