Is Sharon Stone Going To Play The Wasp In Upcoming Marvel Movie? Actress Has A ‘Wee Part’

Is Sharon Stone going to playing Janet Van Dyne, better known as Janet Pym, in the sequel to Marvel’s Ant-Man? It appears the actress might have been hinting at such news when she appeared on the Late Late Show with James Corden last week. Sharon Stone let it slip she was going to be taking on a “wee part” in an upcoming Marvel Comics movie, but she couldn’t give any more information about the character she’d be playing thanks to confidentiality requirements. While some people will take the comments at face value and assume Sharon Stone simply has a part in an upcoming movie that isn’t that big, it’s likely the words were chosen for a particular purpose.

As Entertainment Weekly points out, Marvel has helpfully laid out its plans for films that will be going into production in the next few years. Stone could be talking about a small part in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot or Thor: Ragnarok. Those on the Internet are convinced a perfect place for the actress to land would be in Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is slated for a 2018 release. That film will pick up shortly after where the first movie, Ant-Man left off and will star Paul Rudd as the new Ant-Man, Scott Lang, and Evangeline Lilly as the new Wasp, Hope Van-Dyne.

Michael Douglas is also assumed to be making a return appearance as the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym, and he and Sharon Stone’s ages would match up as husband and wife. In the comics, Pym was married to Janet, and in the first movie, Janet is alluded to as presumably having died while she and Hank were attempting to stop a warhead from reaching its target. The interesting aspect of the role is that the audience never sees Janet Van Dyne’s face, as her only appearance on-screen was through a flashback wherein she was wearing her mask and uniform. It’s long been suggested this was because the studio wanted the flexibility of later finding an actress to play the part in the sequel.

Sharon Stone could slip into the wee part of Hope Van Dyne’s mom fairly easily. It has also long been assumed that any appearance of Janet would have to be in flashbacks since she is thought to have died in the aforementioned mission, having shrunk to the point where she fell into another dimension and continued shrinking into nothingness. However, Sharon Stone could be the big reveal that Hope’s mom hasn’t been dead all these years after all, instead finding a way to grow back to her normal size much the way Scott Lang did in Ant-Man. This part of Stone’s potential character could have been hinted at as well, since Lang found the strength to do so out of love for his daughter.

Most of this is nothing but conjecture, as Stone hasn’t and likely can’t shed any more light on the subject at the moment. Sharon Stone said she’s been severely limited in how much she can talk about whoever she is playing in the upcoming film. Until Sharon Stone is allowed to announce who she’ll be playing, the internet can only attempt to sniff the part out. The Nerdist has an alternate theory that would indeed have Sharon Stone taking on one of the Asgardian goddesses in Thor: Ragnarok, such as Enchantress or Hela, the Goddess of Death.

All of this talk of Sharon Stone is nothing but guesswork and Stone could simply be taking on a small part that will only have a bit of screen time. Sharon Stone likely wouldn’t have gone out of her way to spill the beans if Stone didn’t think it was worth mentioning. That’s the biggest reason people believe Sharon Stone might have undersold the importance of her appearance in the Marvel Comics universe.

[Photo by Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images]