Hailey Baldwin And Justin Bieber Headed For A Split? She ‘Needs Information’ After Hearing Selena Gomez’s ‘Feel Me’

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber reunited last week in New York City, but while the pair appeared to be happy to spend time with one another in the Big Apple, they have reportedly been faced with drama after the model got wind of Selena Gomez’s new song, “Feel Me.”

Days ago, Gomez debuted “Feel Me” for the first time during her Revival Tour, and while she hasn’t revealed who the song is about, Hailey Baldwin suspects she was influenced by Bieber.

In the song, Gomez sings, “No one love you like I love you, I gave you space and time, and now you’re telling me you miss me, and I’m still on your mind,” and also takes aim at another woman, adding, “When she ain’t giving you enough to get you through the night, I won’t be caught up in the middle.”

“[Hailey Baldwin] heard Selena’s new song, which sounds like it could be about Justin, and it has left her confused,” a source told Hollywood Life on May 9. “[Hailey Baldwin] wants answers about what is going on between Selena and Justin.”

Bieber and Gomez may have split years ago, but ever since, they have kept in touch and are frequently seen together. Meanwhile, Bieber has also been spotted with Baldwin in recent months but made it clear during an interview with GQ magazine that he had no intention of settling down with Baldwin in the midst of his Purpose tour.

“[Hailey Baldwin] needs information about where everyone stands,” the source continued. “Hailey has always felt a special connection with Justin and she does not want to be in the middle of a love triangle with Selena and Justin. Hailey is pushing Justin for information about what is really going on between all of them. It is a difficult time for Hailey cause she wants to know why Selena would sing a song so clearly aimed at Justin.”

Hailey Baldwin has reason to be concerned. As fans will recall, she and Bieber appeared to be dating earlier this year before Bieber suddenly gave a shout out to Gomez and reunited with his ex-girlfriend during his concert at Los Angeles’ Staples Center days later.

“[Hailey Baldwin] is in such a tough spot, she’s crazy about Justin and she would love to be the only woman in his life but she just can’t force him to commit,” a source told Hollywood Life in March. “She’s always played it cool, or at least she tries to, but when he goes hot and cold on her like this it hurts her a lot more than she lets on. This whole thing with Selena is agonizing for her, she really believed that Justin had moved on.”

Hailey Baldwin and Bieber began their relationship months ago during a romantic trip to Anguilla with his family. As Hailey Baldwin and her on and off flame celebrated Christmas and New Year’s on the island, they shared several photographs with fans, including a snapshot of them kissing each other passionately while ringing in the New Year.

While Hailey Baldwin is reportedly hoping to convince Bieber to settle down, Bieber appears to have other plans for himself. As he explained to GQ in February, Bieber has tons of responsibilities, and when it comes to committing to one woman, he would rather be single and not hurt anyone as he travels the world doing shows.

[Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images for Balmain]