WWE News: Backstage Update On Drew Galloway And EC3’s Promo At Evolve 61, Triple H Cleared The Promo?

WWE has been doing excellent work with their WWE NXT brand. Using stars coming out of the independents paired with people they develop through their WWE Performance Center, NXT has been seen as the next generation of pro-wrestling. The material we see here will very well be what we see in the future. While the stars coming out of NXT are obviously future World Champions and main event talent, Triple H is also the future of WWE’s booking.

Due to the fact that he oversees the booking and even has his own ideas to contribute to the brand, The Game clearly knows what the fans want to see these days. When asked about the brand, he claimed that he felt it would be good to give fans a pro-wrestling show that he would like to see. Obviously, he’s doing just that. However, this was not the first incarnation of NXT. In fact, it was a game show beforehand.

While people like Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan came out of it, the first NXT was an overall bust. It replaced the ECW brand and made people think that we would be seeing something completely different, but also worthy of our time. NXT continued to be terrible and even made its way online before eventually ending. WWE then merged FCW with NXT to create the brand we see today. One man who came out of NXT that never got a chance to truly show where he could go as a performer is Derek Bateman, better known as TNA star Ethan Carter III.

When EC3 began in TNA, everyone knew that WWE dropped the ball with the man. It made sense to think that EC3 wanted to go to TNA and prove that he could be a major star and show WWE that they could have had what they see today, but didn’t give him the chance. It seems that bitterness is still carrying over, as he and former WWE Superstar-turned-TNA talent Drew Galloway made their way to EVOLVE 61 to lay down a scathing promo about WWE and NXT.

This got the world talking, and the internet blew up with comments about TNA “invading” WWE with this promo being the lift-off to it. There now seems to be more information behind this. According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE and Triple H likely signed off on the promo that the two men put out. TNA allows much of their talent to work independent dates, so it is not out of the norm to see them end up on an independent show with some possible NXT stars that WWE also allows to work indie dates.

People like Johnny Gargano mainly work with WWN and WWE, so he clearly would have worked a big EVOLVE show and was there this past weekend. The fact that WWN now has a relationship with WWE means that they will not risk the partnership by allowing EC3 and Galloway to say terrible things about their major partner. This means WWE would need to sign off on something. The question would then be, why would they sign off on this?

Drew EC3
image via EVOLVE Wrestling

According to Cageside Seats, it is being said that while there is clearly no “WWE vs TNA” thing coming from this, WWE did want to allow them to air their grievances. Apparently, both men were not happy about WWN’s involvement with WWE and Triple H in particular. That played into the promo being as heated as it was it seems. At the end of the day, all this did was bring attention to WWN and EVOLVE itself.

EC3 and Galloway never really referred to TNA in the promo. Many find it interesting that it took going away from TNA for people to talk about a TNA star. This is why many feel that the company is failing, as this could have been a great promo in TNA but it happened with a WWE partner instead. We’re not going to see TNA ever “invade” WWE or even a WWE partner, despite the various former TNA stars that WWE has hired as of late. This makes no sense and it would never happen as long as WWE has a relationship with that partner. That means we should not expect much to come from this promo.

Interestingly, EC3 is speculated to be leaving TNA when his deal is up. While not confirmed by any means, this very well could occur at some point in the future. WWE does have interest in bringing him back reportedly, and this promo most likely didn’t change their mind due to it being allowed. That means this now-seemingly bitter TNA star could weirdly enough end up coming back to the very company he talked negatively about at EVOLVE 61.

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