Donald Trump’s Conspiracy Theory Obsession: Report Outs Insane Advisors

A new report from People for the American Way lets readers know just how insane some of Donald Trump’s closest colleagues are, and what has come out is legitimately shocking.

Remember when Donald Trump claimed that there had been thousands of Muslims cheering and partying in New Jersey when the World Trade Center collapsed in 2001?

Of course the idea was ludicrous and completely untrue, and the facts were later iterated by countless political commentators, but did you know that Trump did not, in fact, just make up the story to illustrate his point? The tall tale was actually concocted by conspiracy theorist broadcaster Alex Jones, who publicized the idea at the time.

When Donald Trump appeared on Jones’s show in December 2015, he complimented Alex on his “amazing” reputation and told Jones that Donald’s assertion about the celebrating Muslims had been well-founded “because people on Twitter told him so.”

Trump is obviously one of Jones’s devoted followers. Jones supports the 2016 Donald Trump campaign, and the man behind the campaign supports Jones right back by taking his crazy ideas as gospel.

It is terrifying enough that someone the potential President of the United States trusts so fully would endorse such a nutty story, but it is far from the most out-there conspiracy theory Jones has tried to spread. He also claims that the government was behind the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado; that Obama and the Pope are in cahoots to organize a mass genocide; that juice boxes turn children gay; that Beyonce is a CIA plant aiming to provoke a race war and literally eat the brains of children; and that the world is secretly controlled by shape-shifting reptilian humanoids, to name just a few of his more publicized theories.

According to the People for the American Way report, Jones has also told the media he was the one who let Trump know about the relationship between Ted Cruz’s father and Lee Harvey Oswald that Trump was spreading all over the news as a definite fact a week ago.

Donald Trump is even having one of his senior political strategist collaborate with Jones to develop a program meant to intimidate Republican convention delegates if they’re considering not voting for Trump, reports Huffington Post.

Alex Jones is not the only clinically insane conspiracy theorist to whom Donald Trump has been listening, either.

Michael Savage runs the fifth most popular radio show in the nation, The Savage Nation, and Trump is a regular guest on the show. Savage has covered topics such as Barrack Obama being a schizophrenic warmonger who wants to ban dogs and spread ebola, autism being a fraud, and seltzer water being poisonous.

Savage also has a habit of using extremely harsh words against homosexuals and veterans, calling the latter “a bunch of losers” who “cry like a little baby” and have turned America into “a weak, sick nation.”

On Savage’s show, Trump himself feels comfortable denouncing Jews and vowing he will appoint ultra-conservative justices on the Supreme Court should he be elected President.

The report reveals that Donald Trump fosters similarly toxic relationships with other equally violent and disturbed individuals, such as columnist Ann Coulter, Pastor Carl Gallups, preacher Robert Jeffress, and Pastor James David Manning, the last of whom suggests that Starbucks puts semen specimens in their lattes.

Of course, everyone is entitled to believe what they want, and plenty of people around the nation believe in conspiracy theories — a disproportionate amount of whom are Trump supporters, reveals The Washington Post.

But Donald Trump, the republican nominee frontrunner, is not just your average citizen. He truly respects these dangerously disturbed people and even invites them to influence his policies, and that could be very bad for America if Donald Trump is victorious in November.

Juice box, anyone? Disclaimer: it will turn you gay.

[Photo by Ted S. Warren/AP Images]