May 10, 2016
Chrissy Teigen Looks Fab Multi-tasking On Set Of Photo Shoot With Baby Luna

Chrissy Teigen is setting the bar pretty high for new moms everywhere, as she is photographed multitasking with new baby Luna, getting a spray tan while breastfeeding in preparation for a photoshoot. Teigen looks as if she were never pregnant just a month after giving birth to Luna Simone Stephens, her daughter with singer John Legend. While Teigen is inspiring a great deal of envy, she continues to have a great attitude while getting back to work.

According to The Inquisitr, Chrissy Teigen and husband John Legend seem to be a lightening rod for controversy just for existing, as they got a lot of flack for going out to dinner without baby just two weeks after daughter Luna Simone was born. The couple was photographed out to dinner in Los Angeles, and people took to Twitter to criticize Teigen in particular for leaving her baby at home, presumably with a babysitter or nanny.

People Magazine caught up with Chrissy Teigen breastfeeding Luna Simone while getting a spray tan in preparation for a photo shoot. Luna Simone's tiny feet can be seen on top of a breastfeeding pillow while Teigen prepares to get back to work. Teigen is all smiles, and she shared the image of a new mom multitasking to her Snapchat account the day after she celebrated her first Mother's Day with husband John Legend.

Legend shared a family photo in honor of Teigen's first special day with Luna Simone.

"To my wonderful wife, @chrissyteigen. Luna and I are so lucky to have you in our lives. If our daughter can be even half as awesome as you, I will be so happy and proud. Happy 1st Mother's Day!"
Vogue says that though Chrissy Teigen seems to be the object of envy for many, mainly for her panache and attitude – her rocking body doesn't hurt either – but she couldn't care less what anyone has to say about her post-pregnancy body. Teigen, who is bubbly, with a sunny disposition – though she also has an incredibly quick wit – has not taken much time off since delivering Luna Simone.

A huge fan of social media, Teigen shared a photo of herself cooking on Mother's Day, wearing a crop top mere weeks after the birth of Luna Simone, prompting over seven thousand comments quickly, mostly complimenting how fast she has gotten back to fighting weight and size. While most people had positive things to say, this being Chrissy Teigen, others responded with hate, saying that she was presenting an unrealistic ideal for new mothers, forgetting the obvious point that Teigen is a supermodel.

Though Teigen does seem genetically gifted, she also posts photos of herself makeup free, and with closeups of her "stretchies" – stretch marks on her thighs. Vogue makes an excellent point that Teigen managed to "navigate her entire pregnancy without a stitch of maternity wear," due mainly to her excellent physical shape and conditioning. Teigen, a self-described foodie, loves to cook and eat, and so she needs to put in that extra work to stay fit in a professional modeling kind of way, so take that, mommy-shamers! says that Chrissy Teigen got some "grade A haterade" for Mother's Day based on her superhuman ability to bounce back after the birth of Luna Simone. Many seem to think that Teigen should stay covered up, lest she make other new moms feel bad for their path back to a pre-baby body, and left comments under her photos on Instagram and Twitter.
"You look amazing, you are one of the few, be sensitive to those that see you and aren't so lucky."
Many seem to think that Teigen is pushing some sort of unnatural standard on new moms.

"Other new moms feel bad enough about their bodies then see this and feel like they should be in crop tops, too."

Some even suggested that Teigen had taken a shortcut to get back into the crop top and short shorts.

"It's called a tummy tuck people."
But most fans and followers know that this is just Chrissy Teigen being Chrissy Teigen, and sharing, maybe oversharing her own journey is just her way.

Do you think Chrissy Teigen should self-sensor to spare the feelings of others?

[Photo by Mediapunch Standard/AP Images]