Taylor Swift Shocks As Emo Queen In New Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift, one of modern pop music’s most beloved performers, is known for making big changes to her music and her look over time. Despite this, Taylor Swift’s fans were still surprised to see their idol make an interesting yet brief jump into emo.

According to The Verge, Taylor Swift dressed up as an emo queen in the new Apple Music ad.

Taylor Swift revealed a new Apple Music commercial via her Twitter account recently. The ad brings back the feel of the emo days of 2005, as it featured the “Blank Space” singer pulling up a playlist for “getting ready to go out” and had her rocking out to Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” in a bathroom.

The performance in the ad was animated and physically intense, with Taylor Swift flinging her lipstick and bouncing around the place, working dance moves that will surely bring most viewers right back to the pop culture scene of a decade ago. The commercial, the second to be released between Apple Music and Taylor Swift, is a testament to how the “Love Story” singer was able to move on from her initially rocky relationship with Apple Music.

The relationship between Taylor Swift and Apple Music star faltered over the controversy surrounding royalties paid during Apple Music’s free trial period, but the “Out Of the Woods” singer has put all the unpleasantness behind her, and she even recently released her 1989 World Tour documentary as an exclusive on the service just last December.

Taylor Swift also showed up at Coachella when her boyfriend closed out the music fest. According to the Daily Beast, Calvin Harris closed out Coachella with a whimper rather than a bang, but Taylor Swift would like to think otherwise.

Calvin Harris, who currently tops the list of the most well-paid DJs in the world, performed in the legendary closing performance of the music fest. The festival closing performance had a distinctly different feel from previous years when it hosted the likes of Beck, The Cure, Rage Against The Machine, Radiohead, and Kanye West. Instead of an exciting and loud performance, concert goers were treated to a 90-minute set consisting of nothing more than a collection of crowd-pleasing hits made by other musicians. Despite the set being full of samples of famous songs by other artists like Adele’s “Hello” and Major Lazer’s “Lean On,” Taylor Swift still seemed to thoroughly enjoy watching her boyfriend perform.

As with previous Coachella music festivals, this year’s offering had its fair share of celebrity appearances. Joining Harris on stage was Rihanna to perform “We Found Love,” and Kanye West protégé Big Sean, who made appearances for “Open Wide” and “I Don’t F*** With You.” Taylor Swift recorded a video during Calvin Harris’ performance that she posted on Instagram.

“I’ll NEVER forget this moment.”

According to Entertainment Weekly, Taylor Swift appears on the cover of the latest issue of Vogue.

In the issue, she spoke on her up-and-down relationship with Kanye West, among many other things. She also participated in the magazine’s “73 Questions” video series to accompany the story, treating readers to a tour of her home in Beverly Hills, where she also talked about her songwriting process, her fast food preferences, her friends, her cats, and even her habit of Googling herself.

The video features Taylor Swift giving a walkthrough of her home and revealing stories of what she’s really like while on tour, along with the real story behind the proudest accomplishment in her life so far: her Grammy wins. When the interviewer asked her to identify something she would love to do but that she found too scary, her response was performing at Coachella.

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for People.com]