Munich Stabbing Terrorist Attack? Man Shouts 'Allahu Akbar' While Knifing Five Civilians, Report Bystanders [Breaking]

A stabbing at a Munich train station that may have been a terrorist attack has left four injured, reported Sky News. The person responsible for the tragedy seems to be a German citizen.

According to news agency AFP's Twitter, one of the stabbing victims has died.BREAKING IMAGES: Man shouted "Allah Akbar" before #stabbing 4 at train station in #Grafing, #Munich

— Benjamin Wareing (@goldennike11) May 10, 2016

At 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning, Grafing train station became the site of the shocking attack. Those who were on the scene have reported that a man began shouting "Allahu Akbar" (or "God is Great") as the attack was carried out. Authorities have yet to confirm the veracity of this claim or to comment on whether or not the stabbing qualified as terrorism.

In the fallout after the possible terrorist attack, prosecutors are ordering a media blackout of the stabbing for an undisclosed reason, reported Sputnik News.

Considered a supportive ally of leaders in the fight against ISIS France and the United States, Germany has yet to suffer a terrorist attack of this kind as tensions have ramped up between the Islamic extremist group and its Western targets. Such an event was, however, expected by many political analysts. Last month, Dr. Markus Kaim of think tank SWP told CBS News that a strike was imminent.

"It is not a matter of if, but when... We are as vulnerable as Brussels. We are as vulnerable as Paris. We are as vulnerable as London. With the military contribution, we have finally arrived on the radar of ISIS."
Ernst G. Walter, Chairman of the Federal Police Union (DPoIG), also shared a similar statement with the news outlet. He remarked that Germany, including the city of Munich, was in no way equipped to handle a terrorist attack -- though in this case he was referring to the kind of maneuver that took place in Paris and Brussels, not a stabbing.
"Where we are not prepared is with the policeman on the street; normally the first to confront terrorists. We need modern weapons. We need armed helmets against shooting by a Kalashnikov. We have very old weapons in the German police force. The machine guns are the machine pistol MP5 -- it's about 50 years old."
Walter also told CBS that the possibility of a terrorist attack had motivated German authorities to monitor 850 people who had gone back and forth between Germany and either Syria or Iraq.

While Munich has not faced any terrorist attacks in recent years, the city was once shaken by such violence when it hosted the 1972 Summer Olympics. Members of Palestinian liberation group Black September kidnapped 11 Israeli Olympians and demanded that 234 prisoners be released from Israeli jails. They also demanded that the leaders of the Red Faction Army, an extreme left-wing group considered a terrorist organization by the West German government.

Check back to this article for more details about the Munich stabbing and its status as a terrorist attack, as well as confirmation that "Allahu Akbar" was actually said by the perpetrator.

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