Britney Spears: Kim Kardashian Imitations Continue With Mobile Game Release

On Monday night, Britney Spears announced that the release of her long-awaited mobile game, titled American Dream, is imminent, and she even let slip some information as to what the game will contain. In doing so, Britney continued to mimic the path to superstardom taken by Kim Kardashian West.

Spears took to Instagram to make the American Dream announcement. Britney posted an image of what looks to be her in-game avatar on a plain white background, with the playfully mysterious caption of “Coming soon…”

Coming soon...

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Britney’s avatar does look strangely similar to another cartoonified popstar from a mobile game, though. Oh, right, Kim Kardashian West. The woman who, Perez Hilton reports, made over $100 million off her Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game released in June 2014 and produced by Glu Games, the same developers making American Dream.

As for the actual plot of the game, it was partially revealed in an app store listing when the game was released for a limited time only in New Zealand yesterday.

The listing reveals that players will get to compose their own songs and create their own album art, send their Britney avatars to venues around the digital world in order to perform concerts, watch their custom creations climb the music charts, and, of course, customize their cartoon Britney Spears’ digital life with different clothes, pets, cars, and mansions. Players will even be able to compete with others via the Internet to see who can pioneer the most successful music career. Britney Spears’ American Dream sounds very similar to Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

Not that Britney Spears is doing anything wrong by leeching off the success of a popular trend. Several big female celebrities, including Kim’s sisters, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry, have done the same thing as Spears.

They even enlisted the help of Glu games, as well.

It is interesting to note how similar Britney Spears’ chosen path to fame seems to be to that of Kim Kardashian, especially now that both women are the stars of their own cartoon mobile games.

The Inquisitr has observed previously just how similar some of Britney Spears’ recent behavior has been to the fame-grabbing techniques displayed by Kim, with Britney’s recent embrace of the “nearly naked social media selfie” trend Kim popularized not being the least of those similarities.

Bought three new swimsuits today ???? This one is my favorite!

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The article points out it is not too much of a surprise that Britney is taking a little inspiration from Kim K., arguably the reigning queen of racy publicity stunts, in order to promote herself at the moment. This is because Spears is currently in the midst of staging a comeback for herself, and Britney’s associates have said Spears wants to push an even sexier image of herself than she has in the past.

Now, Britney is releasing an extremely similar mobile title as well, and she should consider it a success if it is even half as popular as Kim’s revolutionary game.

Britney’s game will probably follow a similar format to most Glu Games by being downloadable for free and containing in-app purchases.

Will you be in line to download Britney Spears’ American Dream? What is your opinion on the microtransactions (in-app purchases) in these kinds of games? Leave it in the comments section below.

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