Thomas Ravenel Wishes Kathryn Dennis A Happy Belated Mother's Day, Landon Clements Says Kathryn Had Kids To Be On TV

On the Southern Charm Season 2 reunion show, Whitney Sudler-Smith accused Kathryn Dennis of getting pregnant with Thomas Ravenel's child in order to secure a role on the show. Kathryn immediately denied that accusation. Even Thomas, with whom she was fighting with throughout the reunion show, went to Kathryn's defense, admitting that he wanted a child. Yet it seems that Whitney's not the only cast member to think that Kathryn got pregnant for fame. On Monday, as the latest Season 3 episode aired, Landon Clements reiterated Whitney's claim.

Earlier in the day, Landon shared a Mother's Day card that someone had made that pokes fun at Kathryn. The card expresses thanks to the recipient for being mostly like Patricia Altschul, Whitney's mother who frequently appears on the show, and only partly like Kathryn. The photo of Kathryn on the card shows her angrily giving someone the middle finger during the show's second season.
Some people criticized Landon for posting such a thing. One person told Landon that she doesn't need to disrespect Kathryn as a mother and that until she is a mother herself, she has no idea how hurtful such an image could be. Landon didn't apologize. Instead, she replied that Kathryn should have thought about the response that she would get before she had children to be on television.
When another person accused Landon of being jealous of Kathryn, Landon said that she doesn't want anything that Kathryn has. Landon added that the card was hilarious.
Landon later tweeted that she did try to be friends with Kathryn, but Kathryn treated her "like s**t for no reason."

When the same viewer called Landon a fake follower of Patricia, co-star Cameran Eubanks chimed in with a sarcastic comment.

How did Kathryn Dennis, who gave birth to her and Thomas' second child in November 2015, react to Landon Clement's Mother's Day card tweet? She retweeted a fan's tweet who added Landon's image to the conversation regarding the card so that the card gives thanks to the recipient for being mostly Patricia, only party Kathryn, and none of Landon.
Kathryn later added "+zero parts" and the finger emoji pointing at Landon's name.
On Monday evening, Thomas Ravenel actually wished Kathryn a happy belated Mother's Day.
Thomas' tweet received quite a bit of criticism. People criticized him for wishing Kathryn a happy Mother's Day a day late and via social media.

Kathryn shared Thomas' tweet and commented, "This is a first..." She later deleted the tweet.

Although it seems that Thomas and Kathryn didn't celebrate Mother's Day together, she still had a good day. On Monday morning, she shared that she had the best Mother's Day.

Now that half of Season 3 is over, what can viewers expect on the Southern Charm Season 3 reunion show? It may be Kathryn fighting back against Thomas Ravenel and Landon Clements. Kathryn tweeted that the only thing people should expect from the reunion show is "Thomas & co." telling lies about her.
Perhaps for the third reunion show, Kathryn Dennis will get some support via the presence of recurring cast members K. Cooper Ray and Jennifer Snowden, both of whom have defended Kathryn and stuck by her side despite the disapproval of others. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Cooper recently admitted that he and Patricia Altschul are estranged because she doesn't like him being friends with Kathryn.

[Image via Kathryn Dennis/Instagram]