Megyn Kelly Kicks Off Her Show With Discussion Over Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, And Women’s Rights

Megyn Kelly began The Kelly File Monday evening by talking about how the race to the White House is getting personal between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and it all has to do with the discussion of who treats women better (or worse). Kelly then played an audio clip from Donald Trump.

“He [Bill Clinton] was impeached! And then he lied about it. He said nothing happened with Monica Lewinsky, and then he said, sorry folks, it actually did happen. And the guy was impeached for lying.”

Donald Trump says he will be a big presidential advocate for women. [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]

After being asked what all this had to do with Hillary, Trump said that Ms. Clinton can’t talk about him because he respects women more than anybody and he will be better for women by a bigger margin than Hillary Clinton, who he thinks will be very toxic for women.

As Megyn Kelly noted, Hillary Clinton hit back with a video about Donald Trump’s own problems with women. The ad shows Trump referring to women as “pigs.” Kelly then had a correspondent from New York who said that Trump is in big trouble with the election because everything he has said about women is out there to haunt him.

However, as the correspondent noted, if Clinton uses Trump’s own words against him, Trump can use the fact that Hillary (allegedly) stood by while her husband harassed many women, who claimed they faced retribution when they came forward. It will be hard convincing the general public that Hillary Clinton had nothing to do with this.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Hillary Clinton intends to take the "high road" after Trump's attacks. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]

According to the Los Angeles Times, Hillary Clinton refused to comment on Trump’s attacks Monday while she was in Virginia. But you can bet she will soon, at least right around the time Trump digs up more dirt on the Clintons from the 1990s.

Megyn Kelly then had Jennifer Grandholm, the former Governor of Michigan, who is also a senior advisor to the Clinton campaign, talk.

“The point is Donald Trump’s own words are going to be used against him. 70 percent of women in the country have a negative opinion of him…and while this is all going on with Donald Trump attacking Clinton personally, she was in Kentucky and Virginia today to be with women and to talk about policies that she is going to push in order to help their lives.”

Grandholm says that Trump’s charge that Hillary was an enabler for her husband’s abuse is ridiculous. She hinted that Hillary’s way of dealing with the controversy will be to fight for policies that concern women rather than constantly respond to Donald Trump.

“Well I think that’s what they [Team Hillary] have to say right now, because they weren’t anticipating running against Donald Trump, someone who is going to be unafraid to bring these issues up. Hillary Clinton and her campaign were going to run on women and women’s policies,” claimed Trump’s spokesperson, Katrina Pierson, who also argued about the hypocrisy of Clinton’s campaign going around referring to everybody as sexist, including Bernie Sanders.

Megyn Kelly, who has been far more objective about Donald Trump lately, still brought up the question about women that caused such a rift between Trump and his supporters last August. She said the reason she asked it was because she knew it would come up and, sure enough, it has. Who do you think has been more harmful to women — Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photos by Robin Marchant and Scott Olson/Getty Images]