‘Little People, Big World’ Returns As The Roloff Family Faces New Challenges

Sneak peek previews of Little People, Big World reveals that big changes may be in store for the Roloff family. Parents Matt and Amy Roloff have been separated for quite some time now, and it looks as though they are making that separation permanent. Twins Jeremy and Zach Roloff are seen discussing the future of Roloff Farms and how they can make sure it stays in the family.

Warning: Spoilers for the new season below.

On the preview, Matt shares that they met with divorce lawyers and that the couple has 29 years of history to try and unravel. “It’s always sad to know that someone really doesn’t want you in their life anymore,” Amy states.

Although one Roloff couple may be going their separate ways, others are going strong. Jeremy and Audrey have been married for a little over a year now, and newlyweds Zach and Tori have been married almost a year. Based on postings and photos on their various social media accounts, the couples often spend a lot of time together.

Molly, the only Roloff daughter, has been away at college and is in a serious relationship of her own. She recently stated that when she is ready to be married, that she would like to be married on the farm like her older siblings, if her future spouse is agreeable to the idea. Perhaps her new beau will make an appearance in a future episode on this season of Little People, Big World.

Occasionally, there is even a photo and short post concerning the youngest Roloff sibling, Jacob. Fans of the show know that he has never been comfortable in front of the camera, and now that he is living on his own out in California, it is doubtful that he will be a regular on the Little People, Big World series.

Although Matt and Amy are divorcing, that doesn’t seem to disrupt daily farm operations. The Little People, Big World preview shows the Roloffs having a booming pumpkin season, with large crowds taking in the special ambience of the farm. How long the farm will remain in Roloff hands is uncertain, however. “The future of the farm hinges on my parents’ relationship,” Jeremy says.

Matt reveals during the Little People, Big World preview clip that he feels stuck on the farm, but Amy tells friends that if she ever had to leave she would be sad. Everyone is worried about the farm, and most family members seem to be in agreement that they want the farm to stay in the family. Jeremy and Audrey have made it clear that they would like to have a home of their own on the farm someday, where their children can experience the type of special childhood that the Roloff siblings enjoyed.

What they want may be wishful thinking, however. In a final scene from the Little People, Big World preview, Amy says to Matt, “So we prep to sell the farm, sign the papers for divorce, and then we part ways.” As she finishes talking, Matt is shown looking down and he says, “okay.”

The new season of Little People, Big World will kick off with an episode titled, “When Matt’s Away, Amy Will Play.” A video clip posted to TLC’s Little People, Big World page shows Amy telling Matt that she plans to host a progressive dinner party with several of her friends while Matt is away. He is concerned about the farm and she assures him that it is not her intention to do something stupid that could totally ruin the farm. When Matt returns from his trip, he finds muddy tracks in one of the fields and confronts Amy. After butting heads, they both state that neither one is understood by the other.

As their relationship continues to deteriorate and their divorce becomes final, can they continue to live on the same property just so they can keep Roloff Farms in the family? Perhaps one or more of the Roloff siblings will have to step up and find a way to secure the farm for themselves and their future children.

Broadway World shared that for this new season of Little People, Big World, Amy seeks to redefine who she is in this new phase of her life, an issue she struggled with last season. She decides to not only make over her kitchen, but also her appearance. She tells her friends that she is even thinking of getting a tattoo to commemorate what she describes as her “second act.”

As for Matt, he decides to take Jeremy and Zach on an all-boys camping trip in an effort to recapture the good times they have had in the past. He will also continue to deal with long-standing health issues that he can no longer ignore or put aside for another time.

What do you think about Matt and Amy’s current situation? Should they continue to try and work together in order to save the farm for their children, or should they go their separate ways? Leave your comments, thoughts and opinions below.

A special preview episode, “Countdown to the Season Premiere” will air first at 7 p.m. ET. The family will discuss the highs and lows of being a Roloff with NBC News correspondent Andrea Canning, and there will also be an exclusive sneak-peek of the new season. The season premiere of Little People, Big World airs on Tuesday, May 10 at 9 p.m. ET on the Discovery channel.

[Image via Little People, Big World/Facebook]