Harry Styles Ruining Louis Tomlinson’s Life? The Wild New Theory

A theory that Harry Styles is deliberately aligning himself with celebrities who hate Louis Tomlinson, and plotting to destroy Tomlinson’s life, has found its way onto social media.

“Does Harry have a list of celebrities who shade (hate) Louis and he go out with them purposely [sic]?”

It is alleged that Harry Styles first befriended Nick Grimshaw and then Chris Martin of Coldplay because both guys have found themselves on the wrong side of Louis Tomlinson at some point.

Louis’ feud with Nick Grimshaw is well known, and it appears to center around an incident when Nick criticized Tomlinson on his radio show for being “a complainy pop star.” Grimshaw made the dig after Louis got frustrated with the paparazzi in Australia and tweeted that “paps are t***s.”

Outlets soon picked it up, and a feud between Harry’s mate Nick and Harry’s band mate Louis was declared. “One Direction Drama! Louis Tomlinson At War With Harry Styles’ DJ BFF!” roared Perez Hilton.

The Sun later wrote that Louis “has issues” with Harry’s best mate Nick in the infamous “Downfall of One Direction” article by Dan Wootton.

Wootton wrote that, after Louis and Harry fell out, Harry Styles “[created] a new social circle, featuring many of the entertainment industry’s top movers and shakers… His close friends also include Irving Azoff, the highly-regarded US music manager who’s been informally advising Harry on his future career.”

As for Chris Martin, he appeared to throw shade at Louis at an awards show when he made a One Direction joke and left Louis’ name out of the list of members, according to E Online.

“From Harry, Zayn, Liam and me Niall, we’re very grateful,” Chris told the crowd.

Wait, what?

Of course, it could have been a genuine case of forgetfulness, but outlets and fans soon began speculating that the Coldplay front man meant to throw major shade. Martin’s omission was believed to be a passive-aggressive dig at Louis Tomlinson.

Styles and Martin were last spotted hanging out last month, and some photos found their way onto social media.

In other Harry news, the hunk appears to have registered a website for a new record company he has started.

An image of the registration details has been doing the rounds. It lists Harry Styles as the director of a company called Erskine Records.

Harry switched management and PR companies soon after the One Direction hiatus began, and now it looks like the hunk may be following in Louis Tomlinson’s shoes and starting his own label.

Perhaps Harry plans to release his own solo music under his label to give him more control of rights and distribution, or perhaps he plans to scout for talent and sign his own acts to Erskine.

Harry has likely spoken to his close friend Jeff Azoff about how to have as much control as possible over his solo career.

Billboard reported that the friends even split from Jeff’s dad Irving’s company when Harry was signed and started a new management company so that they alone would be overseeing Styles’ career.

Jeffrey Azoff is leaving CAA after three-and-half years with the firm, Billboard has confirmed….Longtime client Harry Styles of One Direction is expected to join the roster at Full Stop Management.

Fans of Harry have reported that they are already sending their CVs to Erskine Records.

Others expressed glee that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are both in the same business. “I love my kings,” gushed one fan.

Will Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson patch things up?

(Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)