‘Man Of Steel’ Prequel Is A Go, Syfy Orders ‘Krypton’ Pilot

A while back, Syfy had plans for a Superman prequel series entitled Krypton. This was before the big resurgence of comic book adaptations on television and in films and before long, the plans for Krypton seemed to have been forgotten, left in favor of more buzzworthy projects. Now, it seems Syfy is willing to revisit the project and give it at least a fighting chance. The network has ordered a pilot for the series, which means they’re giving Krypton‘s producers just one shot to see if this Man of Steel prequel can fly.

Syfy Orders Krypton To Pilot

Syfy has ordered a pilot for Krypton, which would indicate they’re willing to give the series a shot, but are also wary of investing in a series with an uncertain future. Bringing the Superman prequel to Syfy are executive producers David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight, Da Vinci’s Demons) Damian Kindler (Sleepy Hollow), who will also serve as the Krypton showrunner. Director Colm McCarthy (Peaky Blinders) will also co-executive produce the pilot. Goyer enlisted the help of Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time) in writing the script for the Krypton pilot.

Krypton is one of the most iconic stories in the comic book universe,” said Bill McGoldrick, Executive Vice President, Scripted Content, NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment. “In the talented hands of David S. Goyer and the DC Entertainment/Warner Horizon Television team, this exciting Syfy project will take viewers back to Superman’s home to show how the timeless legend began.”

It’s suspected that Krypton will be closely related to 2013’s Man of Steel, considering Goyer had a hand in writing the film’s screenplay. Man of Steel gave a bigger glimpse of Superman’s home planet than had been seen in previous films and series, so it seems likely that the planet seen on the upcoming Krypton pilot will fall in line with much of what had been seen in Man of Steel.

Could Krypton Give Superman A New Golden Age?

To judge by the few details known about Krypton at this time, it seems that the series may draw as much from CBS’s own Supergirl series as it will draw from the Superman films and comic books. Syfy states that Krypton will focus on Superman’s own grandfather, centuries before the destruction of Krypton and his efforts to bring peace and stability to the planet’s population. Even Supergirl has alluded to Krypton as a planet torn apart by environmental concerns and ideological differences, so perhaps the home world of DC Comics’ man of steel will always serve as a parable, a warning that resources are exhaustible and political strife cannot go on unchecked forever.

Whatever potential Krypton may possess, the fact is that Superman has lost something over the past few years. The passing of Christopher Reeve as the iconic Man of Steel left a gaping hole in the Superman legacy, one which has been difficult and seemingly impossible to fill. Beyond that, the most recent Superman films, Superman Returns (2006) and Man of Steel (2013), have left much to be desired in portraying Kal-El as a genuine hero. Neither Henry Cavill nor Brandon Routh has inspired Superman fans as much as Reeve once did, though the actors aren’t entirely to blame. The stories in both films brought the Superman character down to our level, showing his weaknesses and faults, when fans have come to expect a Superman who has elevated himself above the pettiness and selfishness of mankind.

Now, Krypton has the potential to remold Superman, beginning with those who came before him. In introducing Kal-El’s grandfather, fans of Superman may have a chance to peek in at the real origins of their favorite superhero. How often have fans wondered what life was really like on Krypton, centuries before the planet fell to its doom? Now, Syfy is at least giving us a small peek into that world with the Krypton pilot.

[Image by Syfy]