‘DWTS’ News: Ginger Zee’s Husband Ben Aaron Considered Biggest Diva On Set This Season

It turns out that the biggest diva on Dancing With the Stars this season isn’t even a contestant on the show, according to a source. Radar Online shared the news that Ginger Zee’s husband, Ben Aaron, is actually the big diva on this season of the show. An insider shared the details of what is going on with Ginger Zee’s husband on the set of DWTS.

There are always celebrities that are considered divas on the show. They have huge requests or want things done a certain way. It is normally someone that is competing on the show and not a spouse of one of those contestants. Ginger Zee’s husband is the one this year, according to the following notes that the source revealed.

“Her husband, Ben Aaron, is a local TV reporter, and it seems he does not like constantly being in his wife’s shadow. He has been telling the DWTS producers how to write and film the video packages that air before each of his wife’s performances. Naturally, he thinks he should be in each video.”

Ginger Zee actually works on Good Morning America as a meteorologist, but her husband Aaron works for a local news channel. This explains why he knows how things should be filmed. The source went on to reveal that it got so bad that someone had to step in.

“At first, he was just annoying the staff. But now it seems like viewers are sick of him too. Each week he wants to be on the dance floor next to her when she gets her scores from the judges. They have told Ginger she needs to get him to back off.”

Ever since this happened, things seem to be getting better. Ben used to have the best seats in the house, but now he doesn’t. He is actually seated on the side instead of in the front row. Ginger Zee’s husband is also getting a lot less camera time and fans will probably start to take notice. It was probably the only way that they could make this work.

Ginger Zee also recently shared that she has been dealing with cyber bullying since joining the show. People shared what Ginger Zee had to say about the way that people would talk about her on social networks. Ginger shared that no matter how much she tells herself she won’t look at the posts on social networks, she can’t help herself and does it anyway. Ginger is getting a lot of judgment about the fact that she went on the show while she still has a newborn. Some people on social media feel like she is taking precious time away from her child. Ginger revealed that she used to take the criticism a lot better, but now that she is a mom, it bothers her more because she is really trying hard. Ginger Zee can’t seem to ignore the comments they make about her.

So far, Ginger Zee is doing great on the competition with her partner Val. They are one week from picking a big winner, and Ginger Zee does stand a chance of winning the mirror ball trophy this year. The winner will be chosen on May 16 and then the next Monday night The Bachelorette with JoJo Fletcher will take over the spot.

Are you surprised to hear that Ginger Zee’s husband is being such a diva on the show? Do you believe this inside source sharing tidbits from the set of Dancing With the Stars? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of DWTS on Monday nights on ABC.

[Photo by Rommel Demano/Getty Images]