Jenelle Evans Slams MTV Over Editing, ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Denies She Is Using Drugs Again

Jenelle Evans is upset with MTV again, and this time, it is for a pretty logical reason. She has been through a lot since she began filming with the network eight years ago, and things have been calming down over the last few months. Evans is currently embroiled in two custody battles, one with her mother and one with ex-boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. Despite all of the rumors and accusations she faces, Jenelle Evans seems to be remaining strong and facing her problems head-on.

Back in January, Jenelle Evans and her mother got into a fight which was caught on camera. The two were supposed to meet for lunch, and it was to be filmed on Teen Mom 2. After the situation escalated, David Eason called the police on Barbara Evans. According to Radar Online, Jenelle Evans is accusing MTV of editing footage to make her look bad. The preview for tonight’s show alluded to the fact that Evans was locked in the bathroom and possibly using drugs again. She swears that the show edited that scene because she was not filmed that day at all. The crew was waiting to film the lunch date, and she was in the bathroom putting on her makeup. Evans claims she is completely sober and is upset that fans are attacking her because of the Teen Mom 2 preview.

Drugs have been a significant issue for Jenelle Evans in the past. Barbara Evans has voiced her concern about her daughter and drugs on several occasions, and it is one of the major reasons she is raising Jace. The early years of filming were rough for Evans, but she seems to be growing up as she progresses through life. While her decisions regarding the men in her life have come into question several times in recent years, Evans hasn’t really cared to discuss it with the public. She is very much a person who doesn’t take the gossip to heart unless it makes her look bad. The fact that Evans is speaking out about MTV editing her into a scene to misrepresent what she was doing makes some believe she is telling the truth.

The airing of the fight between Jenelle Evans’ mom and boyfriend tonight is several months old. In fact, the two recently reconciled and have been hanging out as a family. Evans and Barbara have a long way to go, but they are reportedly getting along much better. This may actually help them come to an agreement regarding the custody of Jace without having to drag it through the courts. David Eason and Barbara are remaining friendly, and she is keeping an open mind about him for the sake of her daughter. Generally, Evans doesn’t allow her mother to be around her boyfriends too much because she knows she won’t always approve and tension rises. Right now, there are plenty of family outings, and it is a huge step in the right direction.

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Rumors of Jenelle Evans using drugs again surfaced after one of her best friends was arrested for drug possession. She had heroin on her, and that was once a problem for the Teen Mom 2 star. In fact, Tori Rhyne had appeared on several episodes of the show with Evans and most recently was Kaiser’s babysitter. That, coupled with the MTV editing that took place, really set off fans who believe that Evans is definitely using something. There has been no indication of drugs other than circumstances happening around her, and because of that, she is angry. In the past, Jenelle Evans hasn’t been totally secretive about her drug problem so the fact that she is denying there is an issue now leads to speculation that she is telling the truth.

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