‘Southern Charm’ Shep Rose Questioned Father Of Second Ravenel Baby

Bravo is sharing an interview with Southern Charm star Shep Rose about when he questioned whether Thomas Ravenel is the father of the second child of Southern Charm cast member Kathryn Dennis. Rose thought it could not be possible that Ravenel had fathered yet a second child out of wedlock with the same woman so close to the first unplanned pregnancy, but Rose, in his normal joking fashion, said at least this time he knew that there was no possibility that it was his.

According to the Inquisitr, Shep Rose and Thomas Ravenel have had other differences of opinion since Southern Charm was launched by Bravo. Rose has shared his thoughts that anything that Ravenel says on social media should be taken with a grain of salt, as he often drinks and types. From the first season of Southern Charm, Ravenel has claimed that he was either quitting the show or would not return for another season of Southern Charm, and he continues to make these claims, according to Rose, as recently as this week.

Shep Rose spoke to the Daily Dish By Bravo and said that he had trouble believing that Ravenel could possibly be the father of the second child and assumed that it was just Charleston gossip.

“I didn’t believe it. Nobody did. I heard it was a rumor. Honestly it was probably not the best idea, but what do I know?”

Rose joked that after being one of the men that was considered to be the potential father of Ravenel baby number one, he knew that since he had not slept with Dennis again since, he could not be the father of the second Southern Charm baby because the “statute of limitations was over” on that one.

But Rose wants Southern Charm fans to know that he is not casting doubt on Ravenel’s parentage, as he says he is now confident that Thomas is indeed the father of a son as well as a daughter.

“For the record, I now know it’s Thomas’ child. But in the beginning there was definitely speculation.”

According to People Magazine, Shep Rose also had Kathryn’s back when it came to balancing out Thomas supporters, including Landon Clements. Many seem to point fingers at Dennis when it comes to having a second child outside of marriage, but few seem to take Ravenel to task but Shep Rose disagrees.

“So I empathize with that, but it totally takes two to tango.”

And it seems that Rose will be vindicated, as on a future episode of Southern Charm, questions about the father of the child will once again arise, and others, who seem to always be thinking the worst, gossip about who the father might be.

Reality Tea reported that they were a bit surprised when it came to Shep Rose bringing the drama, as he is usually the go-to for comic relief. The last episode of Southern Charm ended with Rose taking a serious tone with Landon after she made the executive decision to exclude Dennis from Shep’s skating party, without consulting Rose.

But Rose tends to go back and forth when it comes to strong opinions, and so when he was the person who brought about paternity doubts, it did raise eyebrows. Also, the timing did seem odd, considering that the baby is now just about 6-months-old, and any paternity questions would have been answered.

Regardless, Rose now has made it clear that in his mind, there are no more questions about who St. Julien’s daddy is.

Will you watch Southern Charm tonight to see the fall out from Shep’s skating party invite-gate?

[Photo by Bravotv]