Azealia Banks Trump Support Causes Twitter Panic

Azealia Banks likes Trump, and no one can tell her differently. Azealia Banks wants to vote Trump during election time, and who knows, she may dedicate a song or two to his campaign. He could use the support. The Rolling Stones recently requested that he no longer use their songs, as The Washington Post reported. But, Banks is serious. This isn’t the first time she has given Trump support. She has been working hard to defend her stance over Twitter. Many people want her to support one of the other candidates.

This isn’t the first time Azealia has incited social media users, it’s one of the many. Banks has made a career of getting noticed for views that are 180 degrees different from her peers. She is far from concerned about what people think of her opinions. Banks has feuded with everyone from politicians like Sarah Palin, to female rappers with similar names like Iggy Azalea. Her very public conflicts have become more popular than the actual music she makes. Banks has only officially released one album, but her celebrity stems from the constant stream of controversy she generates.

As HipHopDX reports, Banks has stated her dissatisfaction with Hillary Clinton as a candidate, disapproving of the patronizing way she speaks to black people. She also didn’t get behind Bernie Sanders because she thinks he doesn’t have a chance. Her support of Trump comes from the fact that she sees him as someone outside the establishment, and someone who speaks his mind. Even though she often insults him in one breath and compliments him in another, Banks has made it clear what she thinks of his potential to be president.

Trump wants to finish these wars once and for all and focus on America and SAVE OUR MONEY.


Trump hasn’t responded, but that’s not a surprise. Azealia Banks mostly gets responses for the negative comments she makes about people rather than the supportive ones. Nonetheless, she’s skilled at keeping her name out there by keeping eyes on her Twitter and Instagram accounts. The problem with Azealia’s social media success is that her music career has yet to flourish. The bits and pieces of music she releases now and then seem like a mere accompaniment to her Twitter disputes. Some of this stems from not getting along with key people within the music industry. She rarely tones down her fiery attitude for anyone.

But, if Banks can get Trump on her side, then all the rest of that bad blood she’s built up since achieving fame off that first hit single won’t matter. As she continues to shoot down detractors who disagree with her Trump support, she gains admirers who see a young woman unwilling to back down for any reason. It’s exactly that type of attitude that keeps her career afloat while at the same time dooming it. It has limited the people willing to work with her while gaining her masses of social media followers.

If Banks can gain consistency in releasing music regularly, she has a chance to be an independent success. Perhaps the reason she likes Trump is because her career decisions resemble Trump’s political maneuvers. She is the Trump of rap, but she hasn’t made the sharp political ascent like Trump because she can’t keep key people in her corner.

Right. Because of War. which Hillary wants to continue. She’s a megalomaniac who wants to take over the world.


Azealia released her Slay-Z project in March. The video for “The Big Big Beat” already has close to 2.5 million views on YouTube after less than two weeks. Slay-Z is Azealia’s second mixtape. She released her only official album, Broke with Expensive Tastes, in 2014. She has also released an EP. Even though her songs often go viral on social media, that success has yet to translate into sales performance. While Azealia Banks tweets Trump support, feuds with celebrities, and justifies her use of profanity in interviews, she needs to also balance her celebrity potential with actual musical output to thrive.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for HTC]