'Deadpool' 'Honest Trailers' Debuts: Screen Junkies Gets Ryan Reynolds To Parody Himself [Video]

Deadpool finally has an Honest Trailer, as if the real trailers were not honest enough. The guys down at Screen Junkies just released a Deadpool spoof trailer for their Honest Trailers series. What makes this one different is that they were able to get Ryan Reynolds to do a cameo voiceover.

Honest Trailers is a web series that pokes fun at movies by making trailers for them that are — well — honest. The parodies usually feature Epic Voice Guy, Jon Bailey performing stereotypical movie announcer spiel. However, this time, Ryan Reynolds joined Bailey in narration duties to a very comedic effect.

Warning: This trailer spoofs an R-rated film and contains profanity.

The Deadpool Honest Trailer starts out with Mr. Epic Voice doing the usual one-liners that are typical for the series.
"Suit up for the R-rated film that you had to be 17 to see, but 16 to fully appreciate. In Fox's hugely successful comic book movie that never would have been made if someone behind the scenes didn't fearlessly leak the test footage, and even then, still would've never been made if fans hadn't demanded Fox grow a pair and release the entire movie."
About one minute into the five-minute trailer, Reynolds joins in on the narration in his Deadpool persona to which Bailey responds, "Holy [expletive]! Deadpool?"

The rest of the Deadpool Honest Trailer has Ryan and Jon taking turns poking fun at the movie and getting into a profanity-strewn argument when Bailey gets a bit too critical of the film's plot.


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Andy Signore, the creative mind behind the spoof series, did not know how he and his team were going to make an Honest Trailer for Deadpool since it was "already so honest and self-aware."

"I had to figure out a way to get Ryan Reynolds involved. If there's ever a movie to get an actor involved, it's this one since all the marketing was so brilliant," Signore told iDigitalTimes.

Andy reached out to Reynolds and others involved with the Deadpool movie through Twitter not expecting a response. Screen Junkies fans went crazy over the tweet, but Deadpool staff said they were too busy with Deadpool 2 to be able to offer much help. However, the following day Signore noticed that he had a new follower — Ryan Reynolds. The Merc with a Mouth actor messaged him that he was a fan of Honest Trailers and wanted to help out.

The Deadpool Honest Trailer is the first in the series to have an actor from the film being parodied make a cameo appearance. According to Business Insider, it is a goal that Signore has had for the series since 2014.

"I'm still tying [sic] to push an actual celebrity to do the Honest Trailer for their own movie. I want someone who understands what we're doing and enjoys it and is willing to make fun of themselves. We've been close a few times but they're always afraid to upset the studio or have already bailed."
At that time, Andy thought that the celebrity that finally agreed to do an Honest Trailer might be someone like Will Ferrell or Seth Rogen — a comedian who produces his or her own films. He was not far off with his prediction since Reynolds not only acted the part of Deadpool but wrote and produced the movie as well. Finding someone with a good sense of humor was key to getting an actor to agree to make fun of his or her own film. Reynolds certainly fit the bill on all counts.
Ryan's acting in the Honest Trailer was spot on Deadpool, so it is evident he got into it and had fun with it. The trailer closes with Deadpool saying, "Don't you dare ask me to do this again for Deadpool 2," but we have to wonder, did Reynolds just drop a setup line?

[Image via Screen Junkies]