‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Spoilers Season 2 Episode 6: Sicut Cervus [Video]

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 6, titled “Sicut Cervus,” is about to lead fans to the final push for freedom and the ultimate mid-season cliffhanger. Just like with its older cousin, The Walking Dead, this season is going to feature the same rules from the TWD playbook.

For those who have been following Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead, you should know that even though Season 1 of the show was quite slow moving and a little bit stagnant, the action in Season 2 has been exponential. The core family on Fear is not only waking up to the nightmare world they live in and what they must do to survive, but they are also seeing firsthand just how bad the human element can be too.

In Episode 6, Fear The Walking Dead is going to make a final push southward for the family to get to the destination that Strand has been leading them to all season long, according to TV Guide. But they are going to find out soon enough that their real troubles are only just starting.

Before we get too deep into the details of the next episode of Fear The Walking Dead, let’s change gears for a moment and take a look at where we are with the show.

The characters of Fear The Walking Dead have been at sea for quite awhile now, making some dock calls, but mostly powering through the ocean to Mexico. Along the way, they have had to fight off both zombies and humans. The skirmishes have left them bruised and battered, but nevertheless alive, according to Entertainment Weekly.

With the last episode featuring the conclusion of their dust-up with Connor and his pirate crew, the core FTWD family is now trying to get their people back together and back on course.

What fans of Fear The Walking Dead have been wondering thus far is just how much they can trust Strand and his agenda. But at least they know Strand can trust the family, considering they saved him from freezing in the ocean.

But this episode of Fear The Walking Dead was all about saving their own, which also included Strand. So they all banded together to make a trade with Connor, which means they would get Alicia and Travis back. That would also mean exchanging Connor’s brother Reed for them.

But the core Fear The Walking Dead family runs into trouble at their own hands when Chris kills Reed, claiming that he was sick and going to turn. Although Madison knows otherwise, she still consoles him. Fortunately for them, Chris missed his head, and now Reed is a walker. That meant that they could still pursue their agenda with zombie Reed and walk him to the trade with a bag over his head, confined.

So the trade went down as planned, at least initially. But when Connor lifts Reed’s bag, he finds out quickly that he has turned. He also lets his guard down long enough for Reed to take a bite out of him and his men.

Fear The Walking Dead has turned into fear the living, at least for an episode. Connor’s men try to get revenge, but Madison is long gone with Travis and Alicia before they can do any real damage. Alicia also abandoned Jack in the process, leaving him on the boat with the pirates and the zombies.

So in Episode 6, which wouldn’t be a Fear The Walking Dead show if they didn’t, there is going to be a new rising conflict and that will wreak havoc with them trying to reach their safe zone. There is also going to be some extra drama with the mental health of Chris, who disturbs them with his next actions.

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